Adele is “extremely proud” that she postponed her debut residency in Las Vegas.

The singer claims that the initial performance, which she abruptly canceled in January, lacked “soul.”

Adele is the best person to describe the seductive confluence of love and grief in words. She has waxed poetic throughout her career about divorce, sobriety, and parenting her son—bittersweet tapestry of difficult decisions, dark times, and final development and wisdom. Adele has recently shifted her attention to thinking back on her abrupt cancellation of a January residency in Las Vegas, a choice she calls “brutal” as they come but also one of which she is “quite proud.”

In a recent interview with Elle, she said, “It was by far the worst period in my career.” “By far. About those shows, I was extremely enthusiastic. It was disastrous. Adele claims that the consequences of her decision—essentially “going into hiding” from paparazzi and pausing all promotion for her highly acclaimed most recent album 30, 30—were just as agonizing as the decision itself.

She remarked, “The first several months were terribly, really hard.” “I felt ashamed. However, because it was a really bold thing to undertake, it actually increased my self-confidence. And not many individuals, in my opinion, would have acted as I did. I’m proud of myself for defending my needs as an artist.

Adele’s conviction that she made the right choice, despite how difficult the decision was, also stems from a high standard for authenticity in her work, as her longtime tour manager Jonathan Dickson points out, saying that for her to perform a show she’s not happy with would be to lie to the audience.

Adele herself recalled thinking that the atmosphere and staging of the first show just didn’t match what she had in mind. She claims, “There was just no soul in it.” The stage wasn’t properly set up. It lacked intimacy and felt quite far from me and my band. And perhaps I exerted too much effort to provide it with those things in such a regulated setting.

Adele has since rescheduled the performances, and they will now take place in Caesars Palace’s Colosseum from November through March 2023. She claims that the new series would follow the development of her profession from its early stages while she was still a teenager to the present and create the close-knit environment she has been looking for.

She explains, “I won’t reveal too much about it, but the show grows. “The show advances. Everything revolves around the music, and it’s quite nostalgic. It’s going to be incredibly lovely.