After the projector fails, mom gives rogue stand-up set

After the projector fails, mom gives rogue stand-up set

After her daughter dared her, a mom and standup comedian performed an impromptu set inside a Los Angeles movie theatre when the projector broke.

“Momic” Tiffany King, 42, delivered the standup performance Wednesday at the AMC in Burbank during a screening of “The Lost City.”


“All hell broke loose,” tweeted @sorry charley after seeing King’s set.


“All the moms in NorCal thought I was a stripper,” she says in the clip (King is white). She also sings at one point.


King told Buzzfeed News that her performance was a “victory against misogyny” for her 8-year-old daughter.


“My kid dared me down there. I’m alone mom It’s not like I can do it every night,” she said. “But my kid dared me, and I won’t refuse my kid.”

“I’m delivering information to the audience, almost like a host,” King texted the outlet. No shame.”


But not everyone liked her show. One woman yelled at the comedian, “put us out of our misery,” she said.


After a round of applause from the front row, she decided to keep going for another 15 minutes.


She joked about being a “warm-up comic” before movies.

“I just need a little microphone and a speaker, and I’d go do it,” she told BuzzFeed News.


“I didn’t kill it, but I’ve bombed harder. “Comedy is a muscle that needs to be worked,” she added.


Everyone was judging me, but isn’t that the way the world is now? But I see. They came to see Channing Tatum. “They weren’t there to see a skinny chick tell jokes.”


King had previously addressed alleged abuse and misogyny at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach, according to BuzzFeed.