February 8, 2023 | 6:39pm

Amy Robach is the breadwinner in her new relationship with T.J. Holmes — at least as far as golden parachutes go.

Insiders tell us the scandalous and newly unemployed lovebirds each got a nice severance package from ABC News after their affair blew up their jobs.

But sources say Robach walked away with an even bigger settlement than her beau.

Amy Robach got a larger severance package from ABC than T.J. Holmes.

Specific details of the settlement remain a closely guarded secret. But another insider explained: “Amy’s been at ABC a lot longer and has a much bigger contract [than T.J.].”

Robach joined the network in 2012, and Holmes, who has had a lower profile there, came on board in 2014.

She also pulled double duty, co-hosting “GMA3” with Holmes and also appearing on news magazine “20/20” — a role sources told us she “worked really hard to get.”

Robach’s ABC package was larger because she had worked there longer.

Our second source told us it’s likely that the duo just got paid what they would have been owed for the remainder of their contracts and little, if anything, more. But they said, “It’s possible they could have gotten paid slightly more to sign an NDA — and to keep the peace.”

And even though we’re told the anchors are satisfied with their final payday from ABC, sources close to both are still scratching their heads and asking: “Was it worth it?”

It’s likely that the duo just got paid what they would have been owed for the remainder of their contracts, according to sources.

Meanwhile, the pair, who have been celebrating their newfound free time by frolicking around Los Angeles, is now “back in New York, laying low,” the first source says.

Reps did not comment.

Robach celebrated her 50th birthday on Feb. 6, and Holmes was spotted out buying luxury jewels including a $650 ring from Tiffany & Co., presumably a present for her big day.

Coincidentally, Robach’s milestone birthday would’ve been the 13th anniversary of her marriage to “Melrose Place” heartthrob Andrew Shue, now her ex who “wants no part of their mess,” a source previously told us.