Jony Ive

Apple and Jony Ive will no longer work together, according to a report.

After three years, Apple and LoveFrom’s contract is over.

The New York Times cites sources who say that Apple and designer Jony Ive are no longer working together professionally after 30 years.

Ive started working at Apple in 1992. He became famous when he designed the colorful iMac in 1998, which helped save the company after Steve Jobs became CEO again. He was said to be Jobs’ closest partner for a long time after that, and only Jobs had more power in the company than he.

He was in charge of designing hardware, but he also took over designing software at some point. After Jobs died, Ive was in charge of making the Apple Watch and getting it on the market. Many people say that this process made Ive unhappy, so he switched to a part-time job.

Ive left the company in 2019 to start my own design company called love from. Apple CEO Tim Cook said he wanted to work with Ive “for a long time to come” in a deal worth more than $100 million.

Ive was still designing products, like a mixed reality headset that will be released soon. His ideas for that product were said to be different from those of the team that was working on it.
Now, “two people with knowledge of their contract” have told The New York Times that the design firm and Apple will no longer be working together. Ive couldn’t work with some other clients because of the firm’s relationship with Apple, and the paper says that some Apple executives didn’t like the amount of money that was going to the firm.

Because of this, both sides agreed to stop. Ive will keep working for clients like Ferrari, and Apple will keep making new products without his help. Jeff Williams, who is the chief operating officer of Apple, will continue to run the design teams, with a lot of help from the company’s product marketing team. Evans Hankey will be in charge of the design of hardware, and Alan Dye will be in charge of the design of the software.