Apple is adding more suppliers before the iPhone 14 comes out this fall.

Apple has been getting ready to start mass production of the iPhone 14 line in the next few weeks since the new phones are expected to be announced this fall. But because the company is having trouble getting enough supplies, Apple is now adding more suppliers for the new iPhone 14 models.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said on Twitter that SG Micro’s parts for the high-end iPhone 14 models have passed the quality test. So, Apple added the Chinese company that specializes in integrated circuits to its list of suppliers. The company will now make parts for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This year’s iPhones will have SG Micro’s power management integrated circuitry, which takes care of the battery and level shifter. Kuo said that this is the first time that SG Micro will make parts for Apple’s high-end products. This will help the Chinese company make more money and will also help iPhone 14 sales.

The analyst also says that the deal with SG Micro means that its chips’ technical capabilities “have reached the tier-1 level,” which is what is needed for parts used in more expensive, high-end electronic devices. Apple also worked with new suppliers earlier this year to get camera parts for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Could the shipping of the iPhone 14 be held up?
In May, a Nikkei Asia report said that COVID-19 lockdowns in China caused the production of the iPhone 14 to be pushed back by three weeks. Analyst Jeff Pu confirmed these reports by saying that the delays were most noticeable for the iPhone 14 Max, which is the new midrange model with a 6.7-inch screen that was supposed to replace the iPhone mini.

Kuo has also said recently that Apple will have trouble getting enough iPhone 14 parts to make a lot of them. But the analyst thinks that these problems won’t have much of an effect on how many new phones are sold. This is because Apple orders millions of parts for new products months before they are officially released. This gives the company time to make a lot of units.

Still, the iPhone 14 might not be easy to get at first, since there is a shortage of chips. Shipping estimates for the new M2 MacBook Air have been pushed back to late August, just a week after the new laptop went on sale. Other products, like the iPad, have also had trouble getting enough of them.

Apple is expected to release four new iPhone 14 models in September. However, the new Pro models should be the only ones with big changes like a new screen design.