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Apple is releasing new Macs…as well as other small business technology news this week.

1— This year will see the arrival of the Apple M2 as well as up to seven new Mac models.

Bloomberg’s Apple writer Mark Gurman has previously highlighted the 13-inch MacBook Pro announcement, but he also projected that seven new Mac models will be unveiled in 2022, all of which will include Apple silicon CPUs. Nonetheless, Gurman’s forecasts are only informed estimates, with only a handful verified to be correct, one of which being the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro. (Image courtesy of Techradar)

Why is this crucial for your company:


Why is this crucial for your company:

Given the surge in thefts and shoplifting instances over the last year, every business should take a close look at the inventory protection they have in place. Metal strips, as well as extra security cameras and employee training, might be the solution.

3— As investors penalise Shopify, other competitors are anticipated to outperform it in terms of sales growth until 2023.

Despite the fact that the firm announced its results ahead of analyst sales and profit estimates, Shopify’s shares dropped 26 per cent in the previous two trading sessions. According to Barron’s Market Watch, if a company’s sales forecast for the coming month dissatisfies investors, the stock may fall. There are still a plethora of eCommerce sites to be aware of. This article provides a list of funds that invest in e-commerce platforms and may provide you with some possibilities. (Image courtesy of Market Watch)

4— According to Forbes, these are the nine top payroll services for small businesses in 2022.

Paychex Flex, Justworks, and Gusto are among the nine payroll systems that got a 3.5/5 or higher on the Forbes Advisor Rating, along with many more excellent solutions. These firms were graded by the Advisors based on four criteria: price, criteria, third-party reviews, and anticipated analysis. Each platform is different, but they all do the same thing: they manage direct deposit as well as payroll checks, taxes, and reporting. (From Forbes)

Why is this crucial for your company:

If you’re contemplating testing – or changing – your payroll software, this is a terrific overview. As a CPA, I constantly advise our customers to outsource their payroll. Given the difficulty and resources necessary, you should not do this on your own.

5— Chrome makes it easy to remember passwords and other important information.

Google is developing a new service that lets you manually save passwords and add any relevant comments to help you remember them. The feature is now being tested in Chrome Canary Feature 101, where users may submit useful information like answers to security questions, emails, and dates, which are all saved in the password manager. Because it is based on Chromium, Microsoft is expected to implement this functionality. (Image courtesy of Techradar)

Why is this crucial for your company:

This might be a little but significant improvement to your company’s security. The good news is that your staff will profit whether they use Chrome or Microsoft Edge.