Apple warns that iOS 16’s keyboard haptics “may impair” the battery life of your iPhone.

A few significant new features introduced in iOS 16 include upgrades to iMessage and brand-new personalization choices for the Lock Screen. One of the more well-liked upgrades is the ability to enable haptic feedback for your iPhone’s keyboard in addition to other headline features.


Although Apple warns that using this option could reduce your iPhone’s battery life in a recently released support document.


Apple describes how the new keyboard haptics feature modifies your iPhone in the support document: As you type, the iPhone keyboard may vibrate or make a sound. You can activate this function in the Settings app by selecting the “Keyboard Feedback” option under the “Sounds & Haptics” menu, as we’ve previously discussed.


However, Apple included a brief caution for users who enable keyboard haptics at the bottom of the support document: “Turning on keyboard haptics can impair the battery life of your iPhone.”


The business doesn’t provide any additional information regarding how much of an impact keyboard haptics may have on your iPhone’s battery life. Realistically, we anticipate any battery life impact to be minimal, but if you’ve had problems with power depletion since installing iOS 16, you might want to try turning it off.


Even though Apple warned that keyboard haptics can reduce your iPhone’s battery life, the function is not (yet?) included in Low Power Mode. This implies that even while keyboard haptics may drain your iPhone’s battery, they won’t be turned off if you choose Low Power Mode on your device.


See our in-depth explanation right here for more information on the new iPhone keyboard haptics feature in iOS 16.

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