Armie Hammer is sober and living at one of Robert Downey Jr.’s homes.

Page Six has learned that Robert Downey Jr. is still a major source of support for Armie Hammer despite his ongoing scandal.


According to Vanity Fair, Downey, 57, footed the bill for Hammer’s Florida rehab stint last year. According to sources, Hammer has been living in one of Downey Jr.’s “extra houses.”


The 36-year-old “Call Me By Your Name” actor has been spotted in Venice, California.


“He’s sober and has been spending a lot of time with good friends and with his kids,” the source said.


Reps for the stars did not respond to our inquiries about Hammer’s whereabouts — or what role Downey Jr. plays in his life as he fights to clear his name.


“House of Hammer,” a new docuseries about the disgraced actor’s scandal and the hidden skeletons of his family dynasty, premiered on Discovery + on Friday.


Armie Hammer is the great-grandson of late oil tycoon Armand Hammer.


Page Six confirmed Armie is under investigation by the LAPD after filmmakers told us a Los Angeles prosecutor is “specially assigned” to look over rape claims from an ex-lover named Effie.


“I thought he was going to kill me,” she said in 2017 after alleging he raped her for four hours in Los Angeles.


Hammer has denied all allegations and stated that the alleged victims’ sex was consensual. According to a spokesman for the LA County District Attorney’s Office, “a specially assigned prosecutor is working with law enforcement as they continue their investigation.”


Meanwhile, Hammer’s estranged aunt, Casey Hammer, 61, consulted on the film and is prominently featured. She stated that she believes the victims and wishes to “help build a community and make them feel safe.”


Hammer has yet to comment publicly on the documentary, but sources say “he is plotting a comeback.”


“The Hammer machine is fully operational,” according to one industry source, referring to his Hollywood connections as well as his wealthy family and friends.


“He’s just waiting for the claims to fade away.” He won’t be able to do anything until that is completed,” they concluded.