Nappy Roots

At his own brewery, Nappy Roots rapper Fish Scales was robbed, abducted, and shot in the leg.

At his brewery in Atlanta on Wednesday night, a member of the Southern rap group Nappy Roots was kidnapped, robbed, and shot, according to the police.

Rapper Fish Scales, also known as Melvin Adams Jr., was robbed at gunpoint by two guys as he left the Nappy Roots-owned Atlantucky Brewery around 11 p.m.

Scales was compelled to take a car to his Hapeville house by the attackers. Scales attempted to flee once in Hapeville but was wounded in the leg by one of the captors.

After the kidnappers left, Scales sought assistance from a neighbour at their home. Scales was brought to the hospital once the police arrived.

A patron was shot outside the bar, according to Skinny DeVille, who along with Scales earlier this year opened the brewery.

The most important thing, according to DeVille, is that Scales, my business partner and brother, is safe and healing. We are undoubtedly praying for the customer who was shot outside the business.

The trio wrote on social media that Scales was “looking forward to getting back to work both on music and brewery” and included a photo of him posing in a hospital bed.

The Atlanta Eater reports that although the brewery is still closed, it should reopen on Friday, August 19.

Police are currently looking into what happened.