Axed from ‘Magic Mike 2' following a disagreement with Channing Tatum over the Oscars

Axed from ‘Magic Mike 2′ following a disagreement with Channing Tatum over the Oscars

A heated debate over Will Smith’s iconic Oscars smackdown of Chris Rock led to Thandiwe Newton’s firing from the forthcoming “Magic Mike” film. The Sun stated that in early April, Tatum stormed off the West London set of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” and sped away in a vehicle.

The team had been shooting for 11 days before the abrupt change.

According to Variety, the sequel’s producers opted to replace Newton’s major female character with Salma Hayek.

The Sun’s article did not specify when the epic brawl happened or which positions Newton and Tatum took.

The producer and set leader are Channing Tatum. Thandiwe Newton is the runner-up. Then it was done after 11 days,” a team member told a British publication.

“They split over the Oscars fiasco. Onset. I observed her and him. In and out of the home where we were recording this fight.

“It was a heated argument that quickly escalated. In the vehicle he vanished,” the insider stated, adding that Newton had been behaving badly on the set before the incident.

Following the feud, Tatum declined to collaborate with Newton on the HBO Max feature.

Then he said, ‘I’m not working with her anymore.’ “He’s the producer, therefore she’s off the movie,” the insider told the Sun.

The insider added director Steven Soderbergh attempted in vain to diffuse the tension.

A very quiet guy, he was attempting to calm things down.

A studio spokeswoman denied the allegation, stating Newton left the film for personal reasons.

‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ star Thandiwe Newton has allegedly left the project due to family issues.

Many freelance crew members reported losing thousands of dollars due to production delays.

A “legion of lustful, middle-aged women” invaded the stage hoping to see Tatum as an oiled-up male stripper.

The third film in the series is “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”. The first two films grossed approximately $300 million globally.