AYANEO revises specs for the Next II handheld console, AMD Ryzen 7000 processor and laptop-grade dGPU now expected

AYANEO revises specs for the Next II handheld console, AMD Ryzen 7000 processor and laptop-grade dGPU now expected

Next II to be All-AMD only? (Image Source: AYANEO)

AYANEO is ditching the Alder Lake or Ryzen 6000 processor options for the more advanced Ryzen 7000 chips with Zen 4 cores and RDNA3 iGPU. A discrete GPU will also be included, possibly from the Radeon RX 7000S series, and the handheld will feature a larger 8-inch+ screen.

AYANEO recently released a 2023 roadmap video that includes more spec details regarding the Next II model. Initially announced last summer with a choice between Intel Alder Lake and AMD Ryzen 6000U processors, the Next II is now expected to integrate an AMD Ryzen 7000 processor with Zen 4 cores and RDNA 3 iGPU.

The specs revealed in 2022 were also touting a dGPUbut the exact way in which this would be implemented was not revealed. The designers were talking about two possible implementation methods: either add a laptop-class dGPU along with the processor, or include the dGPU on a removable module that replaces the battery, which requires the console to stay connected to a power source. AYANEO appears to have chosen the first method, as the Next II will also feature a larger “8-inch+” IPS display that requires a bigger case with enough extra room for a laptop dGPU. Given the limited space, AYANEO might include a Radeon RX 7000S instead of 7000M.

While details on the exact processor options have not yet been revealed, AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang did hint at a Ryzen 7040 model in one of its recent answers posted on Discord. Seeing that the model features a larger case with improved cooling capabilities most likely, AYANEO could go with at least a 7040U, if not a 7040HS. These processors would feature quite potent RDNA 3 iGPUs, so maybe AYANEO could add a MUX switch that activates the dGPU only when additional power is needed.

As far as the controller side of things is concerned, the design presented last summer does not seem to have undergone any visible changes. Apart from the usual analog sticks, action buttons, shoulder triggers and directional pad, the the Next II will borrow the dual trackpad feature from Steam’s Deck console. Trackpads are especially helpful at replacing mouse-based interactions, as the Next II will ship with pre-installed Windows 11.

With all the updated specs planned for the Next II handheld console, availability has now been pushed back to some time towards the end of 2023. No pricing info as of yet.

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Bogdan Solca, 2023-01-19 (Update: 2023-01-19)

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