Johnny Gargano

Backstage At WWE Raw, Johnny Gargano Reunites With Former Tag Team Partner

After Johnny Gargano’s dramatic return to WWE on Monday, Austin Theory wasn’t the only one from his “NXT” days to say hello.

Tommaso Ciampa posted a photo on Instagram of himself and his former DIY teammate backstage at “WWE Raw.” While they didn’t appear on TV together, Ciampa and Gargano were both at Toronoto’s Scotiabank Arena for “Raw,” with Ciampa teaming with The Miz in a match against AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley, and Gargano returning to WWE programming — and the main roster — after a nine-month absence.

The photo, the fourth in a series shared by Ciampa, was captioned “Photo 4 – Be patient. Quick snapshot. Bobby, where are you? This is far from glorious. Okay. See you later,” a reference to how both men used to “Glorious Bomb” (read: photo bomb) former WWE “NXT” Champion Bobby Roode when all three were on the “NXT” roster “brand collectively

From November 2016 to January 2017, Ciampa and Gargano held the “NXT” Tag Team Championship as DIY.

After losing the titles, the former partners developed a bitter rivalry that culminated in the “NXT” Championship and a series of four intense matches, culminating in an empty arena match in which Gargano emerged victorious — and as a heel.

After losing the “NXT” Championship to Bron Breakker on January 4, Ciampa was promoted to the “Raw” brand in April 2022. Gargano left the company in December to give birth to his son, who received a chant from the WWE crowd during Gargano’s return on Monday.