Google Pixel 7

Before their fall arrival, Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro may have just cleared the FCC.

Possible restriction of ultra-wideband to Pixel 7 Pro variants.

Google revealed intentions for a fall release at I/O and will announce the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro later this year. After that formal preview, we’ve heard some rumours about what to anticipate from the hardware that will replace the Pixel 6 series, but we’ve been itching for more concrete information from the company. We usually eagerly await the release of a new phone’s FCC certification documentation before it goes on sale, and it appears that’s exactly what we’re receiving now for the Pixel 7 family.

Overall, it appears that we are examining four distinct devices, each of which has two configurations (via 9to5Google) Model GP4BC with the FCC ID A4RGP4BC looks to be the Pixel 7 Pro with sub-6 5G connectivity, whilst Model GE2AE with mmWave connectivity has the FCC ID A4RGE2AE.

It’s interesting to note that the documentation lists a second GFE4J model with the same later FCC ID. When we previously examined the FCC listings for the Pixel 6 series, there was a similar confusion of overlapping FCC IDs and model numbers, and in a case similar to this, the handset turned out to be the Japanese version.

Ultra-wideband (UWB), a technology Google started utilizing with the Pixel 6 Pro, is supported by all of these alleged Pro variants and aids in the use of services like Nearby Share. Google was seen developing a UWB API in February, giving third-party apps access to the chip for remote positioning and other functions.

The FCC filing also makes clear models that resemble our Pixel 7s. With sub-6 5G connection, the GVU6C and G03Z5 devices filed under FCC ID A4RGVU6C, while the model GQML3 submitted under FCC ID A4RGQML3 has support for mmWave 5G.

All of this indicates that at least four Pixel 7 devices are in development, each of which supports Wi-Fi 6E, the new C-band 5G frequency, and NFC:

GVU6C/G03Z5 — sub-6 5G for the Pixel 7
Pixel 7: mm GQML3
5G wave, UWB
Google Pixel 7 Pro: sub-6 5G GP4BC
GE2AE/GFE4J — mm Pixel 7 Pro
5G wave, UWB
A metallic camera bar will be used instead of an all-glass design for the Pixel 7 line, according to Google’s preview of the device. This is a modest improvement over the design of the Pixel 6 series. The phones will be run by a second-generation Tensor microprocessor, and we anticipate a limited palette of colours: Obsidian (black) and Snow (white) for both, while the Pixel 7 will only be available in the Pro and receive a special Lemongrass colour. Of course, keep an eye out for Android 13 as well.

Even while Google occasionally changes this practice, the most recent rumour we’ve heard indicates that we’re once again looking at an early October release date for the Pixel phones. This time, it’s possible that the phones and Pixel Watch may share the spotlight, but that is far from a guarantee. Additionally, a new Google product that might be the 2019 Nest Wifi’s redesign has passed the FCC. It’s possible that the fall will be highly busy for new Google hardware.