Bernadette Peters hits back at the protesters of Broadway Barks

Bernadette Peters was promoting a charity for dogs called Broadway Barks.

On Saturday afternoon, things got pretty rough in Shubert Alley.

Bernadette Peters was promoting her pet adoption charity Broadway Barks onstage in the Theater District between 44th and 45th Streets when angry protesters shouted “animal abuse” and stopped the annual event.

The star of shows like “Gypsy” and “Hello, Dolly!” who had won a Tony Award said, “Excuse me!”

“You are making it less likely that these animals will be adopted!”

One person in the large crowd told The Post that it was “a ruckus,” and video shows people yelling “Get out!” as people with megaphones who were protesting Broadway Barks’ connection to the Humane Society of New York are dragged away by security guards.

On its website, the group says it was started by Peters and Mary Tyler Moore in 1998 to “promote the adoption of shelter animals.” The Humane Society of New York says its job is to “take care of animals in need when they are sick, hurt, or without a home.”

While banners were being put up and taken down, “Music Man” star Sutton Foster stood onstage with her dog and made a face. Hugh Jackman, who was also in the movie, and Billy Crystal, who was in “Mr. Saturday Night,” were also there.