Big Brother 24: Daniel Durston Talks About Taylor’s Treatment

Following a month of contentious comments he made to fellow houseguest Taylor Hale, many Big Brother 24 viewers and houseguests were relieved to see Elvis impersonator Daniel Durston walk out that door Thursday night.

Taylor’s treatment in the house has been a topic of discussion for each of the expelled (or self-evicted) houseguests thus far, and Daniel’s exit interviews were no different. He seemed to have forgotten exactly what he said, right down to it. He does acknowledge that whatever was said was undoubtedly unwarranted, and he intends to make amends.

When confronted about the things he said about Taylor, he told Us Weekly that they “all sound bad.” He does, however, claim to get why people may be angry with him.

Daniel was also reminded by Entertainment Weekly of some of his remarks, including the time he urged Taylor to “f*ck right off” in the restroom.

Daniel said to EW, “Leaving the house definitely sits terribly with me.” “I don’t want it done that way. That wasn’t how I wanted to come across. But in real life, I am such a devoted individual. I was unaware that it would affect the game. What you’ve been told about and what you’ve directly experienced about life in that house. I, therefore, believed that I was in the right considering what I had been informed. Sadly, it appears that I’m not. I’m eager to review it later and make the necessary corrections. Absolutely.”

The opportunity to KIND OF add salt to his wounds by asking him how he feels about just missing jury duty wasn’t missed either by Entertainment Weekly.

Daniel told EW, “I must tell you, it stinks not to make a jury. “First HOH gave me the complete BB experience, which is what I wanted. Despite the fact that it is technically a terrible thing, I desired it. I lost for the second week, but I managed to make the final two on day two and win a Veto. Jury and winning, of course, were the only things I didn’t entirely get. It has nevertheless been a dream come true. And at this point, I did want to leave the house. I was prepared to leave. So, despite the fact that I could watch it back and make amends, I’m not leaving with any regrets.