Bill Hader’s Big What Was Missed by Rachel Bilson?

Unexpected pair Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson split up two years ago, as you may have known but I surely did not. Do they still have romantic thoughts for one another, you might be wondering. Is there any chance they’ll be seen buying two different LaCroix drinks in a cute way again? Tommy Dorfman is right there with you, so please know that. In an interview for Bill Bilson’s podcast, Broad Ideas, she asked, “When you and Bill broke up, what did you miss the most?” She appears to still be considering the breakup.

What might it be, I wonder? Hader’s charismatic character? His status as a comedian? His preference for bubbly beverages? The’storm’ that ‘lives deep in his eyes,’ according to The New Yorker? It’s a no to everything, I’m sorry. Bilson said that she misses her ex’s “huge dick” the most. She was okay to make that claim in the open, just to be clear. We can keep it, Bilson said to her producer. Cut the advertisement, now.

But I don’t want to. I’d like to express my gratitude for her candor for a second. The breakup with Hader was “probably the hardest thing” Bilson had “ever done,” harder even than giving birth, she reportedly told Mandy Moore. Wink and congratulations to Summer Roberts and the Cut group for getting on board early with the Bill Hader Is Totally Kind of Hot train. We are all having a big day.