Britney Spears

Britney Spears Sings “Baby One More Time” in a powerful a cappella version: “I haven’t spoken out in a very long time.”

Britney Spears is showing her fans how much she loves music by singing a powerful new version of her hit song “Baby One More Time.” This comes just a few days after she won her most recent court case.

After being under guardianship for 13 years, Spears got out of it in November. She then posted a new version of “Baby One More Time,” the song that made her a star when she was a teenager and came out in 1998.

“I haven’t shared my voice in a very long time…maybe too long,” Spears wrote in the caption of a video she posted on Friday of her singing the song that made her famous, but this time, she did it without any instruments.

In the video, Spears sings with power, showing off her natural voice, which got a lot of praise in the comments. Spears’s new version is different from the original in one important way: in her new video, which she says she shot earlier this week, she hits hard on the line “Give me a fucking sign.”

The singer says in her caption that she’s been wanting to record a new version of the song for about 14 years, which is about how long she was under a conservatorship. Spears wrote, “The team said no.”

Since the end of her conservatorship, Spears has been critical of her family on social media. In a post about her family, she said, “They ruined it for me, embarrassed me, and made me feel like I was nothing.”

“I’m telling you this because I know how much I love and want to sing,” she wrote in her post. “My own family made me look like a fool… I’m not going to let myself be hurt.”

Spears was released from her conservatorship last year, but her legal battle against her father, Jamie Spears, who was in charge of her conservatorship for most of the time, is still going on. Jamie Spears has been accused of abusing his daughter’s conservatorship, hiring a security firm to spy on his famous daughter, and mismanaging the star’s multimillion-dollar estate. This week, Spears won a big court case when the judge told her father to show up for an upcoming deposition. This is something that her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has been fighting for months.

“Baby One More Time” was Spears’ first single, and it came out in 1998. Her first studio album also called “Baby One More Time” came out in 1999 on Jive Records. The song went all over the world and made Spears, who was only 16 at the time, a pop star all over the world. “Baby One More Time” was number one in more than 20 countries, and it is one of the songs that has sold the most copies ever.