Bungie, the creator of Destiny, has won a $4.3 million anti-cheating lawsuit.

Bungie is now suing another Destiny 2 cheat vendor for more than $6 million.

Bungie has achieved a legal victory in its attempt to stop Destiny 2 cheat sellers, as a judge ruled that cheat maker AimJunkies violated Bungie’s copyright through the creation of its aimbots. According to Eurogamer, Bungie has been awarded $4,396,222 in damages and legal fees.

The anti-cheating judicial struggle has lasted nearly two years. Bungie first sued AimJunkies in April 2021, alleging that AimJunkies violated its copyright laws by manufacturing cheats.

The case was originally dismissed in May 2021 by a U.S. District Court Judge who stated that there was insufficient evidence to prove copyright violations. Only a few weeks later, Bungie filed a new case.

Phoenix Digital Group LLC, AimJunkies’ parent company, issued an aggressive statement against Bungie in August, saying, in part, that “Bungie and their counsel apparently believe the more s**t you throw at the wall, the greater the possibility of something sticking with the court, no matter how ridiculous or absurd it is in the real world.”

The business stated at the time that its features would be formally integrated in Destiny 2. By November, it appeared that the legal battle was tilting in Bungie’s favour.

Following this court triumph, Bungie has filed a $6.7 million lawsuit against LaviCheats. It’s the latest development in Bungie’s fight against cheating, which has already resulted in the firm receiving $13.5 million in damages from another cheating company.

In other news, Destiny 2 fans are looking forward to the release of Lightfall next week, as Bungie has laid out some significant aspirations for the future of Destiny 2.