Quantum Computing

CHIPS Act Offers More Opportunities to Expedite Quantum Computing Advancement, Dario Gil and Paul Dabbar

Although the CHIPS and Science Act has accelerated the development of quantum computing, Dario Gil, senior vice president and director of research at IBM, and Paul Dabbar, CEO of Bohr Quantum Technology, believe that more may be done to expand the sector.


The new law permits the Department of Energy to invest in a substantial countrywide quantum network infrastructure and the use of cloud-based quantum computing for scientific research, according to Dabbar and Gil in a joint opinion piece that was published in The Hill on Tuesday.


The two executives stated that the industry may expand on these and other expenditures made under the law to further its successes, such as the National Quantum Initiative launched in 2018.


The NQI, which received $1.25 billion in federal funding for the DOE, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, was cited as evidence that government-funded initiatives might hasten the development of quantum technology potential.


Gil and Dabbar stated that developing quantum-centric supercomputers to combine classical computing with quantum processors could aid in the accomplishment of scientific, commercial, and military objectives.


They stated that in order to expand the quantum sector to its full potential, there is a need to keep increasing the degree of concentrated investment in projects with significant national significance.


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