June 5, 2023 |6:23pm

Two Chrissy Teigen’s?

The Sports Illustrated model printed Sunday that she had a twin sister. But no longer every little thing is as it appears.

Taking to Instagram Sunday, the “Cravings” author explained that she had taken a 23&Me DNA test which showed that she had “an the same twin.”

“As a few of you understand, I’ve been on a minute of a crawl for the past few years — but especially the past twelve months — of health and wellness and making an strive to figure out lots about my past, my household and smartly-liked stuff one cares about,” she started sooner than explaining that her therapist inspired her to steal the DNA test.

“I had performed one a few years within the past but I by no approach did a deep dive. I had correct performed a heritage thing.

Chrissy Teigen’s 23&Me DNA test claimed that she had an the same twin.
Teigen reached out to the app’s toughen to try and invent sense of the beautiful files.

After paying for “a few of the upgrades,” no longer only did she see she became “part Neanderthal” but she became matched with “an the same twin” below the name BB.

“That must be a humorous memoir, correct?” she requested the digicam sooner than explaining that she reached out to the actual person (and acquired no response), as successfully because the toughen crew for the net pages.

Truly, she even texted her physician as a consequence of she became “spiraling.” Chrissy, 37, then contacted both her father, Ron Teigen Sr., and sister to part her complicated discovery.

Teigen’s father, Ron Teigen Sr., laughingly confirmed to Chrissy that she became the single child born that day from her mother, Vilailuck Teigen (pictured).

“I call my dad and I actually issue, ‘Dad, hi there, did you glimpse me near out of mother’s vagina [Vilailuck Teigen] and were there two of me?’” Chrissy recalled sooner than he confirmed that “there became no longer two of you.”

But after calling her sister, Tina, she remembered that she had previously taken a DNA test below a pseudonym.

“My the same twin became myself. I became matching myself,” Chrissy said.

The mother of three, who married John Yarn in September 2013, at closing found why the implications were unsuitable.
Teigen’s sister, Tina (middle), reminded her that she had previously taken one other DNA test below a pseudonym.

The extinct model — who shares three younger of us with husband John Yarn — explained that she had taken the the same DNA test the exhaust of an alias for the filming of “Discovering Your Roots.”

The PBS characterize, hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr, frail tracking skills to part celebrities’ household histories and analyze their genetics. Alternatively, Chrissy’s episode did now not enact filming and by no approach aired.

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The mother of three shared that, sooner than realizing that the implications were unsuitable, she started to exhaust her mystery twin as one map to invent “excuses” for why she grew up “co-dependent” and had “habit disorders.”

Alternatively, she ended the video with a gentle-hearted humorous memoir. Chrissy incorporated a snap of a hand-drawn tombstone with the inscription “Sissy Teigen. Sister, Aunt, & Buddy.”

“My the same twin became myself. I became matching myself,” she printed.

The artwork hilariously incorporated start and loss of life dates that read, ” June 4, 2023, 2:04 p.m. – June 4, 2023, 3:08 p.m.”

Following her memoir, her comment fragment became bombarded with comments from followers and chums alike.

The story for 23&Me joked, “Comfortable that became cleared up 😅.”

Katie Couric moreover chimed in, commenting, “Devoted lord this must be a scripted characterize ❤️.”

As for her husband, Yarn wrote, “RIP Sissy Teigen 🙏🏾❤️”