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Cleaning Tips: Get rid of clutter easily with this easy approach.

Spring cleaning is in order now that the weather is improving.

But, sadly, Spring cleaning is in order now that the weather is improving. Things go, even if they’ve been collecting dust in a cabinet for years.

The good news is that novelist and philanthropist Jandra Sutton has chatted to Metro and shared her unique life hacks.

“KonMari” approach, is founded on one simple idea — if anything doesn’t “spark pleasure,” toss it, she says.

The premise may seem easy, but Jandra says it isn’t necessarily so.

Noting that Marie Kondo’s renowned cleaning and organising method helped her let go of treasured items that no longer gave her pleasure, she goes on to say

Her home was still full of stuff she could need or wear in the future.

That’s when she had an idea.

It was suggested she create a third category for her closet cleanout: stuff to retain, give or dump, and items to conceal.

When in doubt, offer yourself a ‘middle step’ between retaining and tossing objects that you aren’t ready to toss aside.

A mental distance between stuff that you’re uncertain about getting rid of improves her strategy, she claims.

Jandra says this helps her let go of them when the time comes.

Decluttering will be simpler if she hasn’t worn or used an item in a while.

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