In the midst of Russia's invasion, Louis CK will perform in Kyiv. Google Maps

Comic was cancelled. Louis CK is believed to be performing in Kyiv in the midst of the Russian invasion.

Louis CK is making jokes in the middle of a combat zone.

Despite Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine, the once-cancelled stand-up comic appears to be smiling in the face of danger, as his planned shows at the National Palace of Arts in Kyiv are still slated to go place this weekend.

“The Louis CK Show in Kyiv is not cancelled,” a fan tweeted on Wednesday. The viral message was accompanied by a graphic that read: “Dear attendees, The Louis C.K. concert will go place on February 25 and 26, 2022, as planned. Tickets purchased for a previous Louis C.K. concert are still good for new dates and do not need to be exchanged.”

Representatives for Louis CK, 54, have yet to officially clarify the status of his scheduled concerts in the aftermath of the assaults on Ukraine — and the ensuing upheaval, which has prompted a mass evacuation from the country., on the other hand, is still selling passes to the performances at a 30 per cent discount. Daredevils wanting a good chuckle may get good balcony tickets to CK’s event for around $11.70.

But here’s the catch: concertgoers will supposedly be required to leave their phones at home.

According to Gawker, the venue’s security personnel will require audience members to “place their phones in lockboxes so as not to disclose any sensitive data” to the media.

But what’s a few hours away from your iPhone when you’re blowing a gut in the heart of a besieged city?

CK, who tumbled from comedy stardom in 2017 after a slew of sexual misconduct charges, isn’t the only Hollywood heavyweight facing the Russian threat.

Sean Penn arrived in Ukraine this week to resume making a documentary about the country’s lingering tensions that have afflicted it for more than a year.

Penn, 61, sat front row with sunglasses and a beige bomber jacket during a news conference held at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office on Thursday.

And the Oscar winner, who appears brave, has been praised for his presence in hazardous regions.

“Sean Penn exhibits the courage that many others, particularly Western politicians, lack,” a Ukrainian embassy spokeswoman told Newsweek. “The more such individuals there are in our nation now, sincere allies of Ukraine who support the battle for independence, the sooner Russia’s wicked invasion will be stopped.”