iPhone 14 Pro

Concept: This is what the iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16 will look like.

It won’t be long before Apple makes the iPhone 14 Pro available to everyone. Even while consumers are eager to see the iPhone 14 lineup, there is a tonne of speculations, CADs, and schematics online that already give us a solid sense of what to anticipate from these phones.

Now, a designer has produced a concept that combines the most recent rumours with Apple’s newest iOS 16 beta update to reveal what the forthcoming iPhone 14 Pro might look like.

Graphic designer AR7 offered us a beautiful taste of what a Midnight iPhone 14 Pro – or Pro Max – could look like with iOS 16 in a design that was published on Twitter.

The alleged hole-punch and pill design, which is anticipated to replace the notch on the Pro phones, was depicted by the graphic designer on the iPhone. The designer also included the brand-new battery symbol indicator that Apple began experimenting with in iOS 16 beta 5.

Another intriguing inclusion is the complete Lock Screen music preview, which was recently added to a beta, and the possible deployment of Always-On Display by Apple, as previously reported here:

SwiftUI preview, which enables developers to engage with their app projects in real time, now includes a new behaviour that may be connected to the always-on display, as spotted by iOS developer @rhogelleim. The new lock screen widgets turn semitransparent and the clock stays visible once the developer replicates the process of turning off the device.

The system can display some information on the screen while using very little battery power thanks to always-on technology. When the user is not interacting with an always-on Apple Watch model, the gadget still displays the watch face. To conserve battery life, some visual elements are hidden and the screen brightness is decreased.

A new variable refresh rate OLED screen with a range of 120Hz to 1Hz will enable the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to be the first iPhones with an always-on display, according to the rumours. The display of the iPhone 13 Pro, in contrast, oscillates between 120Hz and 10Hz. Although Apple could potentially make the iPhone 13 Pro models always-on, the new 1Hz display should make the feature more effective.

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According to rumours, the iPhone 14 will have a new purple colour, the same storage options, 30W charging, and more as Apple chooses its suppliers.
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