Courteney Cox- Prince Harry

Courteney Cox Responds to Prince Harry’s Claim He Discovered Psychedelic Substances at Her Home

The actress finally addressed what Harry wrote in his memoir, ‘Spare.’

Courteney Cox addressed the accusations that she had hallucinogenic mushroom chocolates in her fridge when Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, stayed over while celebrating her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In his book, Spare, which was released on January 10 of this year, Harry writes of partying at the actress’ residence. In the book, he recalled consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms at Cox’s home and hallucinating in her bathroom.

When asked about the incident by Variety recently while discussing her successful career, Cox, 58, said of Harry, “He did come here for a few days, possibly two or three. He’s a genuinely good guy.”

She said, “I haven’t finished the book yet. I’m curious because I’ve heard it’s quite entertaining. But, certainly, it has reached out to me. I’m not suggesting mushrooms were present! I wasn’t going to hand them out.”

Harry recounted finding in the book “”black diamond mushroom chocolates” in Cox’s refrigerator. He added, “Someone behind me stated these were for everyone,” and went on to say, “Help yourself, boys,” to Harry and his companion.

According to the narrative, Harry ate one and then had a hallucination that Cox’s silver trashcan in the bathroom was talking to him.

Given that Cox hasn’t read the book yet, it’ll be fascinating to see if she has anything else to say about the episode thereafter.

Cox also discussed how she thinks about her work right now in an interview with Variety. She stated, “Right now, I’m in the happiest position I’ve ever been. There are many negative aspects to growing older, but there are also many positive aspects, one of which is working in a field that I enjoy. I’m trying harder now. I’m more concerned.”

“There’s just something about the certainty of time, of doing something for so long that I probably enjoy it now more than I ever did,” she said.