Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox ‘tried to mimic’ her ‘Friends’ youth by ‘doing stuff’ to her face.

Courteney Cox, 58, is open about where she went wrong.

In a recent interview with the U.K. newspaper The Times, the Friends star discussed aging, her “crazy” journey with injections, and life in her late 50s.

“Oh my God, it’s so difficult to hear or say. “I can’t believe it,” she said, adding that she doesn’t mind getting older but is surprised at how quickly her 60s are approaching.

“There’s nothing wrong with being 60; I just can’t believe it. “Time flies,” she exclaimed.

Cox says that as she has gotten older, she has become more in tune with what truly matters to her.

“There’s no doubt that I’m more grounded; I’ve learned so much in my life — what to enjoy, what to try to do more of, and what to let go,” she explained.

Yet, she admitted that she battled for a time to embrace the bodily changes that come with age.

“‘Well, I’m changing,’ you’d say. ‘I’m getting older.’ And I worked for years to achieve it [youthfulness] “She stated.

Cox began receiving injections in her face to alleviate her anxiety. Yet, rather than finding the fountain of youth with injectables, Cox claims she began to look “very odd.”

“I didn’t know I was looking extremely abnormal with injections and doing stuff to my face that I would never do today,” she explained.

Getting older in front of the world, many of whom remember Cox as a 30-year-old TV sensation, is no simple task. And everyone had a lot to say about her new look.

When others close to her started to speak up, she felt something had to happen.

“‘The day you realize what your buddies were talking about,’ I’d say. People would talk about me, I believe. But there was a moment where I went, ‘I’ve got to stop. That is insane.’ “She stated.

Of course, this did not totally silence the debate over her appearance. While it is never fun, she claims it is nothing compared to what is going on inside her thoughts.

“The scrutiny is harsh,” she said, “but I’m not sure it could be more intense than what I put on myself.”