The cryptocurrency market has been making headlines due to several financial crises and SEC’s scrutiny going through the space with unpredictable fluctuations. It seems that the upcoming week will be no exception as the market will likely remain volatile ahead of major macro events. With several key macro events on the horizon, investors and analysts are closely watching the market’s next moves. From the Federal Reserve’s meeting to Bitcoin’s difficulty adjustment, each of these events has the potential to significantly impact the cryptocurrency industry’s trends and direction next week.

What Can Market Traders Expect Next Week?

This week the crypto market met intense volatility with a sharp decline on Friday. The cryptocurrency market is always filled with surprises, and this week was no different. Several events rocked the market, including the SEC’s investigation into Binance and the financial crisis at crypto bank Silvergate. Following the FUD situation, leading assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped over 5% and now aim to break below their crucial support levels, which may soon lead to another correction in the market.

Moreover, there are several critical macro events that are going to keep the same pressure on the crypto market next week as investors are yet to gain enough confidence to buy in the dip.

PMI Data

Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data is an important economic indicator that can provide valuable insights into the health of various industries, including the cryptocurrency market. The S&P Global Asia Sector PMI and S&P Global Dubai PMI are scheduled for the 6th and 9th of March, respectively.

PMI data can provide a graph of the health of the cryptocurrency market, including the level of institutional adoption, innovation and development, and regulatory uncertainty. As a result, positive data will significantly boost the market’s bullish potential next week.

Federal Reserve Meeting

Though the Fed meeting is set to take place on 22 March, it may build up bearish pressure in the market as the US Federal Reserve’s recent release of the minutes from its February 1st meeting suggests that more interest rate hikes are on the horizon. This could pose a significant challenge for the cryptocurrency market in the medium term.

More hikes in the interest rate in March will create a downturn for the crypto market, and Bitcoin may plunge below the $19K level, forcing several assets to drop significantly.

Bitcoin Difficulty Adjustment

The Bitcoin network undergoes a process called “hashrate adjustment” every two weeks, which helps maintain the network’s stability and security. This event could have an impact on the cryptocurrency market, as changes in the hashrate can affect the difficulty of mining and the overall supply and demand for Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin is currently experiencing a plunge, the increase in mining difficulty from 43.05T to 44.01T on 10 March will create a bearish scenario for Bitcoin, which will eventually reduce miners’ profitability and plunge multiple assets to their bottom levels.


The next week will be important for the cryptocurrency market, as several macro events are set to take place. As a result, investors should stay informed and remain vigilant about potential risks and opportunities in the market. With volatility expected to continue, it’s more important than ever to have a well-diversified portfolio and a long-term investment strategy.

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