Delete these 35 apps right away if you can find them on your Android phone.

We regret to inform you that it is time for another routine Android security checkup, ladies and gentlemen (of adventure). The truth is that Google isn’t doing a very good job of keeping you safe, even though no one really enjoys going through every app they have loaded on their mobile devices in search of various spyware once every few weeks or so.

If you value your money, the privacy of your data, and the general health and performance of your Android phone, you need always keep an eye on your own (digital) back and pay attention to each and every new report compiled by companies like Bitdefender.
What then is the issue this time around?

Thankfully, you’re not dealing with a terrible banking trojan aimed just at stealing your hard-earned money or yet another vast Joker-spreading operation. Instead, what we’re looking at today is some good old fashioned adware, which aims to bombard your mobile device with advertisements while having a rather innocent-sounding name.

Of course, we’re not talking about the kind of TV commercials that occasionally garner awards after making their debut at the Super Bowl, but rather obtrusive, extremely intrusive, detrimental to the user experience, and slowing down smartphone performance ads that are difficult to ignore or quickly dismiss in order to return to mobile gaming or other activities.

What’s (much) worse is that these adverts, which are presented inside the context of programmes that appear to be trustworthy downloads from the Play Store, may immediately link to more dangerous malware. Basically, if you don’t take care, you could get inundated with annoying adverts and scammed by other dangerous programmes that you might be duped into running in an effort to remove the first ads (which, of course, won’t work either).
You need to remove these most recent programmes right away.

Wallpapers Pack for Walls light
Big Emoji – Graduation Keyboard Backgrounds – 3D Backdrops
Live and 3D stock wallpapers of engines in 4K and HD
Mania: Deep Photoeffect Art Filter for Photo Editor
Emoji Quick Keyboard
Create a Whatsapp sticker
Calculator with Camera Assistance
Colorful keyboard with an LED theme, an art filter, fun emoji, stickers, and smart wifi are all features of Photopix Effects.
Location of My GPS Image Warp HD Camera Art Wallpaper for Girls
Smart QR Creator Colorize Old Photo GPS Location Finder Cat Simulator
Wallpaper for Girls
Smart GPS Location Animated Sticker Smart GPS Location Animated Scanner GPS Location Maps Volume Control Sleep Sounds Master Personality Charging Show
Secret Astrology QR Creator Media Volume Slider
Photo colorization
Phi HD Anime 4K Wallpaper
But wait, there’s still something wrong.

The sneakiness of these recently revealed bad guys may be unmatched, even though the ad-serving conduct of the no fewer than 35 programmes described above may not sound as harmful as what other varieties of malware were found to be responsible for recently.