House Of The Dragon

Despite the wigs, House Of The Dragon’s ratings are rising.

Last week’s premiere of the prequel drew over 25 million viewers.

It should be noted that the allure of well-known intellectual property remains strong in the United States. Audiences can’t pass up the chance to delve into the past of a recently concluded blockbuster fantasy franchise. Put aside any fears that a drop in quality or even the slow-motion implosion of HBO Max would dampen appetites for more of Westeros’ miserable monarchs. After all, misfortune loves company, and House Of The Dragon loves company.

More than 10 million people tuned in to watch HBO’s pricey House Of The Dragon premiere, a Game Of Thrones prequel that doesn’t even feature Jamie Lannister. Even the absence of Lannisters couldn’t keep people from discovering how the Targaryens lost control of the Seven Kingdoms. According to Deadline, 10.2 million people watched the second episode of House Of The Dragon, a 2% increase from the first.

The popularity of “Targaryens: Origins” grew even more in its second week. According to HBO, over 25 million people watched the series premiere in its first week, a massive audience for that quick shot of a big farting butt in the series premiere.

Furthermore, the strength of House Of The Dragon inspired viewers to check out Game Of Thrones’ 4K updates. Last week, the original series saw a more than 30% increase, making it the second most watched series on HBO Max, trailing only House of the Dragon.

Will it last? Last night’s episode left a lasting impression, with viewers debating the creatively mediocre decision to reuse Game of Thrones’ iconic theme for this spin-off, tying the show even closer to its predecessor. Drew Gillis, A.V. Club News Editor, put it this way:

One cannot help but feel that they are playing it safe by reusing the well-known elements of ice and fire that fans have come to expect. The theme song isn’t the most important issue, but it does appear to be indicative of the type of thinking going on […] Game of Thrones became Game of Thrones because its creators were willing to take risks and challenge expectations. If House Of The Dragon wants the same thing, they may have to start singing a different song.

But, what can we say? HBO created this show to revive interest in Game of Thrones, and a second season has already been ordered. HBO took the safe route, and it appears to be working so far. The real question is how long they can continue to milk these dragons. And, before anyone asks, dragons can be milked, according to Meet The Parents logic.