Diamond Pedals is officially lend a hand with 5 compact new stompboxes featuring customary circuits, and up thus some distance classics

Diamond Pedals is officially lend a hand with 5 compact new stompboxes featuring customary circuits, and up thus some distance classics

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(Image credit ranking: Diamond Pedals)

Diamond Pedals is lend a hand on the pedalboard menu, because the grand-loved Canadian price is made up our minds to return after SolidGoldFX stepped in and offered the corporate in December last year.

Built within the SGFX facility in Montreal, however maintaining its independence, Diamond Pedals offered its return with a handful of thoughtfully-designed stompboxes, with some basic customary circuits augmented by some welcome new choices, and compact enclosures with home-saving high-mounted jacks all spherical.

The brand new vary comprises the Diamond Power overdrive pedal and Reminiscence Lane analog-style prolong pedalwith utilitarian designations for Tremolo, Comp/EQ, and Bass Comp/EQ.

Some gamers would get had their very personal nicknames for the latter two pedals. For many gamers, be it for electrical guitar or bass guitara Diamond Compressor pedal became the secret weapon of their sound, the fabricate of at all times-on tone-sweetener that you might per chance fortunately glue to your ‘board.

These 2023 editions put grand of the originals’ circuit structure however, because the name suggests, there might per chance be a newly designed EQ piece from which Diamond guarantees increased vary and functionality.

(Image credit ranking: Diamond Pedals)

The Comp/EQ for guitar has been souped-up with a new Mids dial control that boosts or cuts to style, and a “hi-fi inspired, heart-detent active tilt EQ.”

It additionally has an Assault switch for toggling between “signature ultra-fleet Diamond comp style” to a more transparent and gathered variety of compression, a Stage knob for atmosphere output volume, and a Comp knob that controls how grand squash that you might per chance even be looking to get.

(Image credit ranking: Diamond Pedals)

The Bass Comp/EQ looks to be grand the same however varied. This has a 3-method Tilt switch that enables gamers to situation the Tilt fulcrum frequency to 250, 500 or 900Hz, with the accompanying dial permitting you to elevate or minimize it by 6dB.

The Mids knob, meanwhile, has a heart frequency of 800Hz that might per chance possibly even be enhance or minimize by 10dB. Space it at midday for a flat response. Stage and Comp knobs spherical out your controls.

Next up, the Diamond Power. The Diamond Power is an all-new produce that pulls inspiration from the logo’s Blaze, J-Power and Fireburst pedals and is created to be an all-cases power pedal, capable of at the side of a trim enhance, a gentle-weight overdrive, or – might per chance possibly also gathered that you might per chance even be looking to dime it and pair it with humbucker-equipped guitar – it might per chance possibly in reality well purpose as a distortion.

(Image credit ranking: Diamond Pedals)

It has a easy however noteworthy control setup, with dials for Stage and a twin-band active Baxandall EQ accessed via Bass and Treble dials, plus a Warm switch that toggles a 1kHz excessive-shelf filter that can steal the sting off your tone.

Recount your Telecaster’s bridge pickup is drilling tooth within the entrance few rows, this Warm atmosphere might per chance possibly trusty gentle things out.

We now get considered the Reminiscence Lane in a diversity of enclosures through the years – trusty leer the pic below – however right here’s palms down the most compact. It is an analog-style prolong however there might per chance be a couple of digital magic below the hood that enables it to double its prolong cases, extend its frequency response, method much less present and produce much less noise. All correct things.

(Image credit ranking: Diamond Pedals)

Diamond Pedals call this a dBBD, or digital bucket brigade, prolong, and it switches out the need for BBD chips for a machine that performs a identical assignment, and is complemented by a personalized companding circuit that provides some compression and softness to aid your repeats take a seat within the mix, and an anti-aliasing circuit, treasure the customary Reminiscence Lane designs, that provides warmth.

(Image credit ranking: Diamond Pedals)

There is a faucet-tempo characteristic activated via Tap/Mode toggle switch after which situation by a twin-purpose Tap/Doubler footswitch that doubles the tempo of the prolong whereas unlucky. That you might as well cycle via faucet tempo subdivisions by pressing the toggle upwards. Press down and also you cycle via Smartly-liked, Warm, Traditional, MOD and AutoDiv prolong modes, with a Mode LED to can allow you know which mode is active.

For a compact prolong pedal, there might per chance be plenty happening. Your controls are Combine for wet/dry mix, Options for quantity of repeats, Modulation for when within the MOD mode, and Extend for atmosphere the prolong time manually. At last, your on/bypass footswitch can spark off the modulation mode when unlucky, which is efficiency-pleasant characteristic.

At last, the Diamond Tremolo, and over again there might per chance be more than meets the peep. There are three tremolo modes to set up from, each based completely spherical a basic guitar amp-style optical tremolo.

Decide from sine, shark fin and square waveforms. There is additionally a FET-driven ‘Chopper’ mode that provides a dramatic on/off tremolo – a wee bit the Boss Slicer does – whereas the Dicer mode enables gamers to employ this broad versatile tremolo pedal as a killswitch.

(Image credit ranking: Diamond Pedals)

Again, you’ve got a faucet tempo footswitch with a Doubler characteristic, whereas the bypass footswitch doubles as an Insta-Cleave switch when unlucky.

The Diamond Tremolo additionally has an 11-region Rhythm control, and a toggle switch for choosing faucet tempo subdivisions and tremolo mode.

These pedals are all made in Canada, with Diamond kitting them out with all-analog Burr-Brown signal paths, and soundless switching.

The Reminiscence Lane has a buffered bypass, runs on 9V DC from a pedalboard energy present and is priced $249. The Comp/EQ and Bass Comp/EQ are trusty bypass, bustle on 9-18V DC, and are priced $239. That you might as well additionally bustle the Diamond Power at 9V or 18. It is trusty bypass and is listed at $209. The Tremolo is correct bypass, runs on 9V DC and is priced $239.

For more exiguous print, head over to Diamond Pedals (opens in new tab).

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