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Entertainment‘Discovery’ ‘What Now?’ says Boss in Season 4 finale.
‘Discovery' ‘What Now?' says Boss in Season 4 finale.

‘Discovery’ ‘What Now?’ says Boss in Season 4 finale.

  • says Boss in Season 4 finale.
  • Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the Discovery crew are running out of time to rescue Earth and Ni’Var in the Season 4 finale.
  • But, as executive producer Michelle Paradise reminds out, the franchise is built on “optimism and hope.
  • We knew where we wanted them to be at the conclusion of the season.
  • I adore Adira and Detmer’s (Emily Coutts) relationship.


Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the Discovery crew are running out of time to rescue Earth and Ni’Var in the Season 4 finale. But, as executive producer Michelle Paradise reminds out, the franchise is built on “optimism and hope.”The crew can reach the Ten-C and explain the DMA’s devastation, and it is halted before Earth and Ni’Var are lost — and Admiral Vance (Oded Fehr) and Tilly return (Mary Wiseman). The Ten-C also saves Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajala) from a far worse sentence for defying the Federation (though it will separate him and Burnham for a time). So says the president (Stacey Abrams!).

Paradise shatters the climax


How will Michael’s season influence her captaincy next season?


Michelle P: This season was all about the trip. I can’t tell too much about her trip, but we began every episode with “What is Burnham’s captain’s voyage?” By the conclusion of the film, she has gone a long way. She was clearly ready for the chair, but sitting in it is something else. Being a captain who understands not only how to lead differently — Burnham has always been a leader — but also how to lead specifically from the chair and understands the stakes of the things around you, the political situation, and all the things that a commander or first officer does not have to deal with.


This season has allowed us to learn new things about Burnham, which I find intriguing. I adore how each season reveals more about these characters, particularly Sonequa, and how you keep surprising her. We’ll take what she’s acquired this season and keep building on it.


After a rough patch, Michael and Book appear to be doing well. Is it still going?


I’m stumped. But, yes, we wanted to put them to the test this season, and given what has transpired, how could we not? Sure, they love each other a lot, and we wanted to express that they both had strong convictions in what they were doing throughout the season. They didn’t want to hurt one other, thus their love is still strong and sincere. Of course, the question is now.


When will Season 5 begin?


Tilly is back and loving her new job. Like you, I sent her to go and brought her back.

Tilly has been a fascinating character who has matured in many ways. What an arc for Mary, and you’re so thrilled to offer her everything. Giving her the chance to explore new things and new parts of herself was vital to her character development. But we don’t want her off the programme. Amazing. We never wanted the viewers to think she wasn’t coming back, and we see her prosper. What now for her? The group reunites in the end, although she obviously finds pleasure in teaching. That will always be a part of her and what that means to her going ahead.


And that last hand-holding scene between Saru (Doug Jones) and T’Rina (Tara Rosling)! Your plan was to build it up.


Glad it rang true. It’s cute. It’s one of those casting situations where we had no clue what we’d get when we brought her in for Episode 307! But when they were onscreen together, something magical occurred. So when we got to Season 4, we were like, “Oh my god, what happened in 307?” We must find Saru and T’Rina.” They clicked as performers, and now they’re amazing onscreen. We knew where we wanted them to be at the conclusion of the season. We also realised it couldn’t be simple. It seemed old-fashioned, like a slow burn for their relationship. Then came the question of where to meet. What do we do with them? Is it too easy? How can we construct things for them to learn more about each other without revealing the finish in 413?


We observed how this season’s events impacted everyone, notably Culber (Wilson Cruz). He’s the one everyone goes to, yet he needs someone too. How much do he and Stamets (Anthony Rapp) need that vacation?


Lots. We were highly intrigued by the notion of self-healing. How can someone who is supposed to cure others take care of themselves when they are in the same mud as everyone else? We are all part of the DMA in terms of the world around us, so how can we care for our loved ones and friends while also caring for ourselves? So I chose Culber to do so. So they both need that getaway. I’m more thrilled about their trip than mine.


William Shatner portrayed the role in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Adira’s response to “bobcat” was one of my favourite moments in the finale.


Amazing. Love them. They rock.


I adore Adira and Detmer’s (Emily Coutts) relationship. How did it happen?


Adira’s narrative this season has been finding their position in the crew. How do they feel now that they are physically separated from Gray (Ian Alexander) and are their own person? They’re an ensign, earning experience, but how do they fit in? Who would they look up to? She is the pilot and she is confident, fierce, and a role model for the kids. But, as we saw in Season 3, she has a great depth to her. She seemed like a terrific person for Adira to look up to. They portrayed those moments well. I enjoyed 11’s finish. That was some great improv by the performers towards the conclusion of that sequence in the lounge. I adore our friendship.


Is it becoming a custom to advise Detmer to “fly good”? Adira, Pike (Season 2 of Strange New Worlds)…


[Laughs] Someone will advise her to do it every season.

We were about to say farewell to Detmer. Was it ever an option?


No, we wanted her to experience that moment and to understand the gravity of what we were about to do. It was a terrific time for her to realise her character’s identity. This is her dedication. She embodied all of us on board at the time. They are all prepared to offer their all for the greater good if that is required.


It was also a great time to showcase Detmer’s bond with Owo [Oyin Oladejo], because that moment lands on both Detmer and Owo, and what does it mean to be part of a family and then have one of the families sacrifice themselves? We don’t take it lightly. We would never encourage someone to rush out and die in war without considering the emotional repercussions for others around them.


What about Season 5? Is there a tone or theme?

We like it. We already have scripts. We know what we’re doing and where we’re heading, and we’re very pumped. It seems like a lot of fun.

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