Ben Kweller

Dorian Zev Kweller, the son of singer Ben Kweller, died in an automobile accident when he was 16 years old.

“My darling boy was at the starting line with so much life ahead of him,” the singer-songwriter reflected on his son, Zev, who released songs under the name Zev.

Dorian Zev Kweller, the adolescent son of singer-songwriter Ben Kweller, died on Monday at the age of 16.

Kweller’s wife, Liz Smith Kweller, verified it was via vehicle accident on social media. The artist published a statement Tuesday on Instagram that remembered his “real legend” son, who followed in his father’s footsteps as an aspiring musician.

“There’s no way I’m typing this, but I am,” Kweller began his message. “Dorian Zev Kweller, our son, was murdered last night. He was just 16 years old, yet he was already a legend. A kindest, gentle soul, a friend to all. You’d know if you knew him. We’ll never get over him as long as we’re alive. Please keep his spirit alive by sharing your recollections and listening to the music he created.”

Dorian, who “composed and recorded songs every day,” was a “genuine poet from the day he began speaking,” according to Kweller. “While only a few of his recordings were released, he was on the right track and thrilled about his quest.” The “Wasted & Ready” singer revealed that his son had “so many plans,” including performing at his first event at the forthcoming South by Southwest festival.

“My most recent text with him was about the merchandise he wants to manufacture,” Kweller explained. “My young boy was standing at the starting line, with his entire life ahead of him… I’m not sure why things like this happen. We’re in a state of shock and have no idea what the future holds. Lizzy, Judah, and I are at a loss for how to deal with this disaster. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.”

Dorian’s parents and younger brother, Judah, survive him. He composed music under the name Zev and has released the singles “SH3,” “How I Am,” “4th of July,” and “Parachute,” among others. Kweller, a former member of the Bens and the post-grunge band Radish, has released six solo albums and collaborated with artists such as Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran.