Dr. Nune Stepanyan on Empowerment Through Tasteful Aesthetics

There is a famous saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It is true in every aspect of life because everyone is beautiful in their own way. However, the rising popularity of the internet and picture-perfect models on runways and magazine covers are changing people’s perceptions of beauty. Not everyone is born with perfect features, and that’s what makes them unique. Some find their imperfections hurt their self-esteem or adversely impact their self-confidence. This is where aesthetic beauty treatments or surgeries play a crucial role, and Dr. Nune Stepanyan is at the forefront of this industry. Starting her career as an emergency room nurse, Dr. Nune is now a renowned injector giving her clients the most natural-looking beautiful results and helping them regain their confidence.

Born and raised in a financially insecure family who immigrated from the Soviet Union to Los Angeles, California, Dr. Nune had a tough childhood in Hollywood, which shaped her perception of life. Much thanks to her Armenian roots, Dr. Nune was raised to be a noble human being and not a greedy medical practitioner. This is the reason she is fiercely honest about her profession. In an industry increasingly influenced by superficial beauty standards where young women shy away from posting genuine pictures on social media without filters, Dr. Nune is making her mark as a true practitioner who delves deeper into her patients’ concerns.

Dr. Nune never suggests any aesthetic treatments to anyone who is not seeking them. For those who have concerns every time they look in the mirror, then Dr. Nune is the best person to help empower and embrace one’s own individual beauty with the use of multiple resources which include laser treatments, neurotoxins, and dermal fillers. She is a professional injector with over 6 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. Dr. Nune Stepanyan is a certified DNP, APRN, FNP-C, and the founder of The Stepanyan Clinic, a place where peopl can go to experience the luxury of aesthetic medicine.

Initially starting her career as an emergency/critical care nurse, Dr. Nune shifted her focus to aesthetic medicine in 2016 because she was passionate about aesthetic surgery and beauty treatments. Back then, Dr. Nune was considered an outcast because she was considered overweight and had natural features that were far from matching the standards of aesthetics she was promising to offer. By being enthusiastic about learning and friendly towards her patients, Dr. Nune overcame several setbacks, including social media bullying, to earn recognition in the industry and build The Stepanyan Clinic from the ground up.

Today, Dr. Nune trains doctors, nurses, PAs, and NPs in advanced injectables. She believes that the medical field is not for someone who ever becomes complacent. Even after becoming a renowned name in the aesthetic medicine space, Dr. Nune believes she has a lot still to learn to improve her services and give her patients the most natural-looking aesthetic results they have been dreaming of. Besides being an aesthetic medicine practitioner, Dr. Nune wants to be a symbol of empowerment for people who are hesitant to chase their dreams because of their perceived imperfect appearance or socio-economic background. If she can overcome all the setbacks in life to accomplish her dreams, anyone can, and when it comes to low confidence due to your appearance, Dr. Nune’s The Stepanyan Clinic is there to help with all your aesthetic needs.