Olivia Wilde

During the Don’t Worry Darling panel, Olivia Wilde discusses rumours of a “falling out” with Florence Pugh.

A reporter contacted the director to “clear the air” because there were rumours of a running dispute.

Olivia Wilde has addressed the subject of a possible “fallout” between Florence Pugh and herself.

During the Don’t Worry Darling press conference at the Venice International Film Festival, the filmmaker responded to a journalist’s query.

Along with Harry Styles, Gemma Chan, and Chris Pine, Wilde attended the event. However, Pugh, the film’s star, was not present.

Pugh’s absence from the panel was announced amid rumours that she and Wilde have been engaged in an ongoing argument since the beginning of the year.

During the press conference, a reporter questioned Wilde, “Can you just clear the air and address whether there has been a falling out there and if so why, because it’s something that people are discussing?

Florence is a force, and we are very thankful that she is able to attend tonight’s performance despite being a part of Dune’s filming, the director retorted. We’re really excited to be able to honour her work today because we know how difficult it is to lose an actor, even for a day. I’m very thankful to her and Denis Villeneuve for helping us.

“I can’t express enough how honoured I am to have her as our lead,” she concluded. Regarding the incessant tabloid rumours and other stuff, I mean, the internet feeds itself, and she is fantastic in the movie. I don’t feel the need to give because I believe it is fully fed.

According to Variety, Pugh’s absence from the panel was caused by the actor’s flight landing in Venice after the scheduled press conference. Later on Monday, she will walk the red carpet for the occasion (5 September).

After Wilde stated that she fired LaBeouf in 2020 to foster a “safe, trusting environment” on set for Pugh, rumours of a falling out between the director and actor grew in August.

However, LaBeouf denied being fired and sent Variety a video he says he received from Wilde, which shows the director asking him not to quit the project.

LaBeouf departing “could be a bit of a wake-up call for Miss Flo,” Wilde speculates, alluding to conflict between LaBeouf and Pugh in the video.

While Pugh has not addressed or denied the rumours, Wilde has claimed that the rivalry is nothing more than “manufactured clickbait.”

In a recent interview, Wilde praised the “ferociously skilled” actor.

Here is a detailed timeline of all the turmoil from Don’t Worry, Darling’s making.

Don’t Worry, Darling has received mixed reviews from critics thus far, but Pugh’s performance has nonetheless received accolades.

In a three-star review for The Independent, Geoffrey Macnab writes: “This isn’t the disaster that some predicted – but it is a messy, convoluted affair with some very contrived plotting. As Jack, Styles surprises with a flat and underwhelming performance. Fair enough, he’s portraying a really lifeless character—a sort of Stepford husband.

Styles’ performance has received harsh criticism from other critics as well.

Pugh made a cryptic statement about how it was “amazing” to see women “pushing back and saying ‘no,’ on and off camera,” on the red carpet at the movie’s Venice premiere.

The movie Don’t Worry Darling opens in theatres on Friday, September 23.