Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has been accused of exceeding his water budget by 500,000 gallons during LA’s worst drought in 128 years.

The celebrities of Los Angeles are about to come under fire for their water consumption, and this time, NBA legend Dwyane Wade is among them.

When you achieve celebrity status, you don a face that makes you untouchable. As is the case with Los Angeles’ celebrities, they all live and breathe as if they are not subject to the same rules as everyone else. And in many cases, that is correct.

However, water is a resource that should be shared equally, and in times of crisis, the wealthy cannot have unrestricted access to it. Despite our reservations, it appears that the rich and famous of Los Angeles simply do not care.

Celebrities’ water consumption has far exceeded their limits, and imposing fines may not suffice. According to multiple sources, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart, and, most notably, Dwyane Wade have all used excessive water.

While we wouldn’t necessarily condemn them for overuse, the fact is that Los Angeles is experiencing its worst drought in over 128 years. There can be no room for disparity, and a call to action is required.

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Dwyane Wade exceeds his water limit by nearly 500,000 gallons and will be fined.
NBA players are no different than other celebrities, and once you start living in Hollywood, you will inevitably enter a money bubble. Dwyane Wade and his family appear to be no different from the rest.

During the month of June, the Wade household used approximately 90,000 gallons of water more than their allotted amount. Which is 1400% more than their water budget. Alarming.

Worse, in May, they consumed 489,000 gallons more than their allotted limit. What do they need so much water for? Are they farmers? The answer could be found in the lavish nature of their lives.

From jacuzzis to swimming pools, the Wades appear to have consumed water like there was no tomorrow. The rest of Los Angeles is looking for a break, and the Miami Heat legend may not have given it much thought.

Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union, issued a statement saying they were “doing everything we can to rectify the situation and will continue to go to great lengths to resolve the issue.”

It’s too late to act as if they care, while the rest of the city struggles to get access to water.

A dystopian nightmare? Nope, just reality, in which NBA legends have ascended to great heights and can apparently consume enough water to feed a community.

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