Edge wishes to have his final match in Toronto in August of next year.

Damian Priest talked a lot about retiring Edge (again) in the Hall of Famer’s hometown ahead of their main event clash on the August 22 Raw in Toronto.

Despite The Judgement Day’s best efforts, Priest was unable to complete the task. He didn’t even win, let alone return Edge to North Carolina full-time. But we got more than just a good match and a hint of a potentially great one between Rhea Ripley and Beth Phoenix in the future.

Because it came via a promo after Raw ended, the raucous crowd at ScotiaBank Arena got it first. But, thanks to modern technology, we can all hear and see the Rated R Superstar as he talks about how, “in a perfect world,” he’ll return to Toronto for his final match before hanging up his boots for good next August.

“30 years ago… on July 1, 1992, I wrestled my first match as Adam Copeland.” Sexton Hardcastle arrived later. And I knew I’d be standing right here for all of you one day, I just knew it.

“What I didn’t expect was to have to retire for nine years and fight, fight, fight with every fibre of my being to get this back.” And you are all the reason for that. This is a mutually beneficial relationship.

“I just stood toe-to-toe with Damian Priest, one of the best talents and the future of this industry.” And I can’t wait to do it again. And I can’t wait to return, hopefully for the last time, here in Toronto.

“According to the calendar, we usually come here in August.” So I intend to see each and every one of you in August. In an ideal world, we would all say our goodbyes that night. But that’s fine, man; this is the right place for me to do it, okay?

“I mean it when I say I love you all. In case you missed it, I am proud to be Canadian. And you know I have to do it; otherwise, I’d be remiss — “Go Leafs Go, Go Leafs Go, Go Leafs Go, Go Leafs Go, Go Leafs Go, Go Leafs Go, Go Leafs Go, Go Leafs Go, Go Leafs Go

Even though we don’t live in a perfect world, it’s probably worth keeping an eye out for WWE’s 2023 Canadian tour announcements. And, perhaps it’s just the clips from their A&E Rivals special I saw over the weekend, but can we see if John Cena is available for that date?