Erth Points: The Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Revolutionizing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Obligations

Erth Points: The Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Revolutionizing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Obligations

The founders believe that by creating value and generating real-world demand from businesses, Erth Points will be one of the only Cryptos to survive the big Crypto crash. The same crash changed the dot-com Internet share market world forever.

Erth Points Crypto is the next-generation Crypto in a league of its own; it’s a Clykto-Currency with more utility and productive worldwide applications than all other Cryptos combined. It has completed multiple test projects and is on the cusp of taking its home country of Australia and then the world, and it is helping to save the world. Does this sound impossible? You be the judge.

The Erth Points system enables a portion of each purchase from potentially every business worldwide to satisfy the business’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) obligations. Sending micropayments to the customer as a reward point, supporting the community, repairing environmental damage, or, to put it another way, saving the Planet while benefiting all parties, including the business and the customer.

Just living causes environmental damage, and we can either wait till governments impose a carbon or environmental tax on us or solve the problem using next-generation Crypto Erth Points.

Businesses already spend hundreds of Billions on satisfying their ESG obligations, plus much more on marketing and advertising. Erth combines solving ESG with Rewards Points, which act like a reusable Click for the patented marketing and loyalty system. Erth Points are a hybrid of a Blockchain Click, a reward point, and an ESG solution, all trading as a Crypto-Currency.

If used for their intended purpose, Erth points should be tax deductible for businesses; they also have a legal opinion that they are not a security in the USA as per SEC legislation, which puts them in an elite club with only BTC and ETH. Erth Points trades on 4 Crypto exchanges and is part of a solid business model that is not dependent on FOMO and speculators, a first for Crypto.

Users of the Erth Point system come from Clubs, Charities, Churches, and Not-for-Profits (CCCs) environmental supporters or any customer who wants to share in the revenue, making the system a very effective monetizing loyalty.

It’s triple the points. From every purchase, the customer earns Erth Points, the customer’s nominated CCC earns Erth Points, and the Planet earns Erth Points. Erth Points are the next evolutionary step for cryptographic technologies. They can be the motivation, or at least be part of that motivation, for all consumer and commercial transactions across the globe.

The reason why gold and diamond markets have been around for so long is the exact reason why Erth Points will be around for a long time, something almost no cryptos have, end users.

In the same way, an engagement ring removes diamonds from the diamond exchange market, and Erth Points customers remove Erth Points from the crypto exchange market. This allows Erth Points to be spent in the reward point system at any business that accepts them or on gift cards at eBay, Apple, and thousands of other businesses that accept ErthPay gift cards.

Demand for Erth Points is proportional to the total number of transactions that take place, which means the more Erth Points earned, the higher the demand and the higher the price can go. Like all Cryptos, the price can also go down. But like diamonds and gold, there should always be a business that needs to buy them because a customer wants them. Most Cryptos do not have a use, have no dividend, and do nothing. Therefore they have no limit to how far they can crash in price. Whereas shares have dividends and underlying assets, so they may crash, but they should always have a lower limit, and they should recover, Crypto like Bitcoin does not have that safety net.

The demand for Erth is projected to expand at a rate comparable to an exponential growth curve as many companies adopt the system because of all the benefits Erth Points bring.

Are Erth Points the biggest threat ever to Bitcoin’s dominance?

Delivering value to businesses and customers while supporting CCCs and helping to save the Planet is the driving force that could cause Erth Points to overtake Bitcoin as the most important cryptocurrency in the world. Erth Points is the only product that could be used in every purchase from every business in the world, not just crypto, but any financial services product. That’s a game-changer!

If all 3 billion Facebook users collected Erth Points, more than $6 billion per week would go towards repairing environmental damage, enabling Erth Points to fund an army of eco-warriors and projects to help save the Planet. Imagine how much could be accomplished. Plus, $6 billion would also go to CCCs every week and the same to customers who can spend the Erth back at the businesses, creating a perfect economic ecosystem.

For instance, if a Supporter spent money at a Business in New York that is a part of the Erth Points REACTS (Rewards4Earth Automatic Card Transaction System), they would send Erth Point back to support their child’s netball club in Fiji or anywhere in the world.

Supporters could Nominate Bono’s feed the children program, and Erth Points are automatically sent to a child in Somalia so they could buy food within seconds. This scenario is just one example of how the Erth Points system can work.

Erth Points can be earned where the average person spends the majority of their money each week (In Australia, other Businesses will be added per country), such as purchasing food and groceries from Coles or Woolworths, fuel for their car from Caltex or Ampol, hardware from Bunnings, and phone time from Optus or Vodafone either directly where the business is part of the REACTS system or by purchasing Erth Pay gift cards.

Hotels, car parts, restaurants, and many more businesses now help save the environment through Erth Points, awarded for every purchase, creating demand for Crypto from every transaction and putting it into the pockets of potentially every person on the Planet.

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