Twitter Circle

Everyone can now use Twitter Circle to keep specific posts private.

Include up to 150 people in your Circle.

Everyone can now use Twitter Circle, a feature that allows you to limit your tweets to a smaller audience. In May, the platform began testing the feature with “select people” ahead of a wider rollout.

Twitter Circle works similarly to Instagram’s “close friends” feature in that it allows you to share your posts with a smaller group of people. You can add up to 150 people to your Twitter Circle, whether or not they follow you. When you want to send a tweet but don’t want the entire Twitterverse to see it, you can share it with your Circle instead.

When you open the tweet composer, you’ll see the option to share to your Circle. Select Circle from the dropdown menu at the top of the composer. By clicking the Edit button next to the option, you can select who you want in your Circle. When you add or remove users from your Circle, they will not receive a notification. Those in your Circle, however, will see a highlighted badge beneath posts sent to your Circle that reads, “Only people in @[usernameTwitter ]’s Circle can see this tweet.”

The feature may give users a little more control over their privacy without completely obscuring their accounts. Content shared with your Circle, on the other hand, is still subject to the platform’s community guidelines, and it does not prevent other users from screenshotting your posts.