Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of art by introducing novel ways to create, experience, and appreciate art. Through the use of computer algorithms and machine learning, AI art generates visual, audio, or textual content that challenges the conventional notions of creativity and originality.

One of the significant impacts of AI art is the collaborative nature of the process. Artists can now merge human creativity with machine intelligence, resulting in artworks that explore the complex relationship between humans and machines. This integration of AI and creativity has opened a new era in the world of art, where new dimensions and possibilities can be explored.

Another impact of AI art is the democratization of art. This new technology has made it possible for anyone with access to the technological tools to become an artist. This democratization of art has shattered the traditional barriers and preconceptions about who can be an artist, leading to a more inclusive and diverse art world.

Furthermore, AI-generated art has the potential to disrupt the traditional art market, which has been based on the concept of unique and original works of art. As AI art becomes more prevalent, it raises questions about what constitutes originality and uniqueness in art and how we value it.

Empress Trash is an artist who uses AI to explore power dynamics, gender identity, consumerism, and mental health. She creates playfully controversial art and embraces abstraction, surrealism, trash, glitch art, and AI. Her creative process is driven by exploration and experimentation with different software, and she enjoys the journey of discovery.

Empress Trash art via

Empress Trash uses AI as a reference in drawing and painting in Procreate, as well as for collage elements, a base for glitch animations, and pure prompts. She has created a collection of 50 portraits of iconic women as half-eaten papayas, which she sold as NFTs on Tezos. Her art is a portal to a new dimension, inviting viewers to explore the subconscious meta-connections between the emotional, physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual realms.

DevonFigures is a traditional artist, known for his Genesis project “Five Lines”, which is an experiment in minimalism, pop culture, and community. Devon has been experimenting with AI as a fun tool to help open up his mind when working on a new piece. “I use AI to explore shape and form before I begin working on a piece. AI provides a template of sorts that can help my brain more accurately map out a piece before I begin drawing. It’s incredible to me that AI can comprehend complex forms and concepts, accurately lay out a composition, and give you the bones you need to work with.” says Devon.

Devon’s piece in the collection is titled “Cora” and has special meaning, “ I have my first biological child on the way, due in late May/early June. Her name will be Cora, and I wanted to dedicate this piece to her.”

The art world is in the midst of a transformational era with AI, as the rise of web3 and innovative platforms like are paving the way for artists to monetize their work in unprecedented ways. Through’s groundbreaking royalty and revshare features, artists can earn a sustainable income stream while maintaining their focus on the creative process. This platform not only benefits artists, but also empowers the community to support their favorite creators while receiving royalties and donations from every mint and sale too.

As Empress Trash and DevonFigures continue to push the boundaries of AI art, their work serves as a prime example of the endless possibilities this emerging technology holds. These groundbreaking artists are leading the way for a new era of creativity, with their unique and boundary-pushing works. By following their work, engaging with their communities, and embracing the power of AI art, art enthusiasts and artists alike can discover a new world of artistic expression.

In conclusion, the intersection of AI and art is unlocking new dimensions of creativity and democratizing the art world, challenging traditional notions of what art is and who can create it. With artists like Empress Trash and DevonFigures leading the way, the future of AI art is bright and full of endless possibilities. Join the movement and embrace the power of AI art today. As this technology continues to evolve, its full potential is only beginning to be realized, and the possibilities for the future of AI art are endless.

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