Family and acquaintances of the slain Bronx kid describe him as a "wonderful spirit."

Family and acquaintances of the slain Bronx kid describe him as a “wonderful spirit.”

The aunts of the 16-year-old girl who was killed in the crossfire of a gunfight near her South Bronx high school on Friday described her as a straight-A student and a “wonderful soul.”

When two “brazen criminals” opened fire a block from University Prep Charter High School at around 1:45 p.m., striking her and two other students, Angellyh Yambo became the latest victim of New York City’s rising gun epidemic.

After school, she went directly home,” says the narrator of the story. Aunt Margarita Yambo described her late niece as “never being out on the street.” The “sweetest girl you’d ever meet” was “her.”

A distraught Yambo (38), whose brother is the father of Angellyh’s child, described the family’s situation as “devastated”.

“She was sweet and caring,” Elvia Henriquez, 36, said of her deceased niece.

As Angellyh’s mother is “still in shock,” Henriquez claimed her sister, Angellyh’s mother, “has not spoken much.”

“She’s in a state of total bewilderment,” Henriquez said.

On Friday, NYPD Commissioner Keechan Sewell spoke to the girl as “a young woman with a promising future,” and both aunts acknowledged the death of their loving niece.

A man across the street started “gestating to somebody” before pulling a revolver and opened fire as schoolkids went by after class, according to Bronx Detectives Chief Timothy McCormack of the NYPD.

The other two unexpected victims, both 16 years old, were expected to make it.

Children across the city have been the victims of a number of gunshots this year, including this one.

Margarita Yambo stated, “I’m terrified to walk outdoors every single day because of this gun violence.”

Make sure there are cops on every corner of the street. I’m at a loss. What do you think? “I have no idea,” the woman said, her voice breaking. “This is not something that should have happened.”

“I hope they locate these animals,” she continued, referring to the shooter. Let the police do their job, or I hope they’re caught and sentenced to a lifetime in prison.

According to Yambo, her niece was a “nice girl” who avoided trouble while focusing on her studies.

“Her soul was wonderful. The devastated Bronx lady described her daughter as “a straight-A student” during a phone chat.

A long and fruitful life lay ahead of her.

In the words of her aunt Yambo, the dead adolescent “liked and excelled at make-up” and was “a fantastic big sister,” having three brothers.

It’s hard for Angellyh’s siblings to reconcile with their sister’s senseless death, according to Henriquez, the sister of the victim’s mother.

During a fight, “be cautious of what you’re doing,” the upset aunt said. Consider your options carefully before acting. Situations that aren’t worth it are claiming the lives of innocent individuals.

In the immediate aftermath of the East 156th Street shooting, the murdered girl’s mother arrived to see first responders unsuccessfully resuscitate her, according to the super of a nearby building.

“The mother was in a state of hysteria. It appeared that the police were keeping her in check,” he said, according to The Washington Post. “Her scream conveyed the depth of her anguish to me. A mother’s scream is more powerful than any weapon.

Police officers can be seen on video compressing the girl’s chest as she lies splayed out on the sidewalk in a pool of blood.

“She didn’t deserve to be put down the way she was… ‘It’s torn my heart,’ said Angellyh’s childhood best friend Hazel Cheeseboro. Her mother was devastated. The struggle continues, but she isn’t in the best of spirits. She’s trying, despite the fact that she just lost her daughter.

At the East 156th building, both adolescents called home, the 15-year-old girl broke down in tears as she recounted her recollections of Angellyh.

“She never saw the negative side of things; she only saw the positive. RIP Angellyh’s messages on Facebook alerted Cheeseboro to the tragic news, he said.

“She was a joy to be around.” She was not a fan of seeing someone upset or depressed at all. Nobody could ever get her down. Her phone number was always on hand if you needed her.”

She listened to Beyoncé and Rihanna while playing computer games like “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and “Fortnite,” according to a friend of Angelly’s.

The adolescent claimed that her friend had recently begun her ninth-grade year at University Prep. Angel was looking forward to meeting new students at school and applying for summer employment when they last saw each other on Saturday.

On the same site as the high school where the murdered kid went, two other students were injured: Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School and University Heights Secondary School.

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