Episode 6

Fans of The Last of Us notice an error in Episode 6

Oh no, it appears that HBO has made another Starbucks coffee cup blunder.

The latest episode of HBO’s The Last of Us looks to include an error. One observant viewer noted that one of the photos displays the filming team. This story contains The Last of Us spoilers.

There’s a strong possibility you didn’t see this. Only when zoomed in can the crew be seen in a wide-angle view of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) crossing a snowy bridge. Even then, it’s tough to tell if this is the crew, but it appears to be. Take a look at this image from Twitter user Scott T. Jones for yourself.

HBO has made blunders like this before, as a Starbucks coffee cup was visible in a Season 8 episode of Game of Thrones. The prequel, House of the Dragon, had its own blunder when King Viserys’ green CGI fingers were not cut off before the programme aired. Both of those errors were later edited out, but The Last of Us’ editing error does not appear to have been corrected.

Although Episode 6, “Kin,” contained one minor editing error, the opinion was that it was a strong episode overall, rich with story and character development. Joel and Ellie arrived in Jackson. Ellie discovered Joel’s deceased daughter. Joel and Tommy (Gabriel Luna) had an intense and passionate conversation.

There were flashes of optimism in the post-apocalyptic world, but the tranquilly was short-lived. Joel was stabbed at the end of the episode, which finished with Ellie screaming for his survival, tears streaming down her face before the screen faded to black.

Episode 7 will run on February 26 and will see Ellie and Riley (Storm Reid) allegedly acting out the events of The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC.

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