FIFA 23 Will Be Honored by EA If It Accidentally Sells For Six Cents

A glitch on the Epic Games Store incorrectly displayed decimal points and currencies.

Although FIFA 23 is presently available for preorder around the globe and is planned to be a full-price retail release, fans may be able to score a fantastic deal in one specific market on one specific retailer.

Anyone looking at the Epic Games Store in India last month will have noticed that while FIFA 23’s basic version priced 3,499 INR (US$44), the Ultimate Edition, which was supposed to cost 4,799 INR (US$60), was instead listed at 4.80 INR.

That is not a sale pricing; rather, it is a mistake in which the retailer obviously placed the decimal point in the incorrect location. Users raced to the store to purchase the game as soon as word of the savings spread. 4.80 works out to be six cents. Additionally, it wasn’t just Indian gamers who heard about the glitch; as soon as word spread, users on social media shared instructions on how players from other countries could set their accounts to the Indian Epic Games Store to take advantage of it as well.

Although this sort of thing happens occasionally in the world of online purchasing, when the difference is this large, companies frequently cancel orders. As a result, I doubt many people expected to actually get their hands on the more expensive version of FIFA 23 for just six cents.

Still, they have! This week, EA Sports released a statement via PC Gamer that reads as follows:

That’s great for whoever managed to save money, but let’s be honest: EA isn’t actually losing much here. I’m sure the arithmetic on “Money lost on first six cent sales” vs. “Money made long-term through Ultimate Team” still worked out in the company’s favor even if FIFA has always been and will continue to be a full-price sports game with singleplayer options.