Fitbit or Google Fit stats cards can now appear on the Nest Hub 2nd generation homescreen.

Fitbit and Google Fit integration on the 2nd-generation Nest Hub is getting deeper, with a stats card that can appear directly on the Smart Display’s homescreen, as we’ve been tracking since May.

Fitbit and Google Fit can appear in the “Your morning/afternoon/evening” or “Wellbeing” tabs. In the 22 size, the card is titled “Your activity,” while the smaller 21 configuration only shows the logo and a single data point.

Steps, Calories, and Workout Days can all be displayed regardless of service. Depending on the circumstances, you may only receive one or all three (e.g., time of day). Tapping displays a weekly graph of this data, with the dates in the top-left corner and your daily average in a large circle in the corner.

This integration is only available on the second-generation Nest Hub, which includes the Soli radar sensor for sleep tracking and a Wellness tab not found on the Nest Hub Max or other Assistant Smart Displays. Google predicted this earlier this year.

On our team, the Fitbit or Google Fit card is only visible on one device enrolled in the Preview Program, though there is no active one at the moment (Cast firmware 1.56.299498).

To get started, navigate to Assistant settings > Wellness > Activity. You can then connect Google Fit and Fitbit and choose which one is active on the Nest Hub homescreen. You’ve been able to ask Google Assistant on mobile and Smart Display for these stats since late May, but this latest integration is more proactive in surfacing your data. Meanwhile, this integration is on the way as new Fitbit smartwatches are on the way.