For season 18, Bungie is redesigning several iconic Destiny 2 Exotics.

Several weapons will soon have anti-Champion features built in.

Destiny 2 fans have a lot to look forward to in August with the next Bungie presentation, season 18, and a repeated original Destiny raid coming up in less than two weeks. Bungie has, however, made some fresh disclosures regarding the upcoming changes to Exotics and specific weapon classes.

Bungie first disclosed a few small adjustments coming to weapon archetypes. Both heavy grenade launchers and scout rifles have their overall damage increased. Additionally, modifications are being made to other weapons including high-impact auto rifles and lightweight bows. ACD/0 Feedback Fence, Karnstein Armlets, and Necrotic Grip are three Exotics that can be activated by Glaives’ melee hits thanks to a boost to that ability.

When season 18 debuts on August 23, Bungie will also make some adjustments to the current perks. The weapons from Dares of Eternity, which are based on Bungie’s past titles like Halo, will get their own Origin characteristic, while the Gambit and Iron Banner bonuses are both undergoing a thorough overhaul. To keep up with the Overflow perk, Ambitious Assassin is getting a significant boost to its overflow potential (up to 150%). Wellspring will also no longer have a hidden cooldown, so multi-kills will now grant ability energy.

Exotics received the most significant update on the Bungie blog. In season 18, many previous weapons will have anti-Champion functionality, and some exotics will have whole new effects.

The following Exotics are receiving updates against Champions:

Le Monarque: An abundance of poisonous arrows
Unstoppable on explosions, overload malfeasance, and Thunderlord
One of the Exotics receiving a significant buff is Wish-Ender – Anti-Barrier Wish-Ender, which will now hit the majority of foes three times rather than twice and deliver an additional 10% damage to Champions, majors, and minibosses.

The Cranial Spike perk from Dead Man’s Tale now grants more reload, aim assistance, and range each stack instead of additional damage to players (albeit the effect still applies to PvE enemies). The Catalyst will raise the weapon’s hip-fire RPM to 180 at maximum Cranial Spike stacks.

Season 18 will make Collective Obligation, the Exotic Void pulse weapon from the Vow of the Disciple raid, simpler to use. In PvE activities, the Void Leech timeframe will be five seconds longer, have no cooldown, and be considerably simpler for players to activate.

Finally, Bungie said that before the Aug. 23 Destiny 2 demo, fans would be informed about Arc 3.0, the last update for the previous subclasses. Next week, the players will probably learn more about it.