After ten years, an iPhone emerges from the toilet! (Becki Beckmann/Facebook) Can you guess what happens next?

For the past ten years, I’ve had my iPhone in the toilet! When a man gets it out, THIS is what occurs.

The iPhone survives over 10 years in the toilet, but the effects aren’t what you’d anticipate when it comes out.

Your new iPhone 13 vehicle can withstand water spills, drops, and a few more adversities before giving up. But what happens if you flush it down the toilet? We’ve heard of iPhones surviving in lakes and other bodies of water, but this! By all accounts, this is extreme! This occurred 10 years ago, at a period when

Becki Beckmann thought for ten years that her iPhone 4S had been lost or stolen when she was out celebrating Halloween. She looked for it at the moment but couldn’t find it. She eventually upgraded to a newer model and resumed her life. But she had no idea that the Halloween nightmares of 2012 would come back to bother her in 2022 when her toilet began making strange noises.

“Banging sounds” are made by the iPhone.

Becki explained that they had just noticed a problem with their toilet, which made a pounding noise whenever they flushed it. Becki’s husband originally assumed it was a construction issue, but when he dug further, he discovered Becki’s long-lost iPhone, which she had last seen on Halloween in 2012!

Coming out of the toilet, the identical white iPhone 4S!

Her husband rushed up to her and told her she wouldn’t believe what he saw in the toilet. “This was so, so different from what I expected,” Becki added.

Is it going to start?

So, what do you think happened to the iPhone that was left behind? Did it, like Captain America, rise from the dead?

Despite its difficult past, the white iPhone 4S is in remarkably decent condition. The phone’s display and edges were still in good condition! However, the back cover came out, ripping the frame apart in the process. This might be related to the battery’s internal swelling.

When did it begin? The storey makes no mention of it, but it appears that the phone did not survive ten years of torment. Even if they wanted to restart it, there would be a lot of work to be done before it could do so. Parts for the iPhone 4S may be difficult to come by in 2022, and we doubt it will be worth the effort.