Francesca Farago, a Netflix star, discusses how dating shows like ‘Perfect Match’ are changing the game for LGBTQ representation on reality television.

If you’ve watched Netflix’s new dating show, “Perfect Match,” you’ve probably witnessed singles frolicking around and romancing one another in the hopes of finding their so-called perfect match. Yet, as part of their pursuit for love, reality TV contestants make no distinctions when it comes to diving into the dating pool.

The ensemble dates each other and each other’s ex-partners as they test the waters to see who will be the best companion.

In the most recent episodes of the show, star Francesca Farago romances a newcomer to the house, Abbey Humphreys (an alum of Netflix’s “Twentysomethings: Austin”). Farago dated Dom Gabriel from “The Mole” and Damian Powers from “Love Is Blind” earlier this season.

The reality dating genre has always been known for being very straight. Casts have diversified in recent years as Netflix has shown new dating competitions, bringing considerably more sexual inclusion to television.

Yet, Farago claims that when she signed up for “Perfect Match,” producers did not warn her that she would be able to date both men and women. “I suppose that was something I kind of guided towards while production,” Farago says to Variety.

“I got to the point where I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to stay in the house anymore because I didn’t know if there was anyone there for me,” Farago explains. “I knew who was there in terms of males, and I thought, ‘I don’t know if I can waste anyone’s time by continuing to match with these men I know I’m not going to get along with.'” Then I found out there was a chance I’d be matched with a female, and I thought, ‘In that case, I’ll stay.’ Because it was a heterosexual show, I wasn’t even sure if it would happen. But I’m pleased it happened, and I’m also glad the connection happened. “I just changed the rules of the game.”

If you follow Farago on social media (she has nearly six million Instagram followers), you’re definitely aware that after she finished filming “Perfect Match,” she found someone else. Farago is now in a committed relationship with trans TikTok celebrity Jesse Sullivan, and the two are frequently updating each other on their lives.

Farago claims that Sullivan has received death threats because he is upfront about his trans identity on social media. As a result, Farago understands the significance of being queer on a global streaming platform.

“With the way the world is right now, I feel like there is so much going on. The hatred directed against our community is insane. “Hate speaks louder than anything else,” she claims. “People are still receiving death threats and being attacked in public, and it’s quite hazardous for people in our community, particularly certain members.”

“I feel that representation is extremely essential because it shows audiences that we’re average people,” she continues. We do not deserve this kind of hatred simply because we identify in a specific manner.

“My boyfriend is trans, and he receives death threats on his social media posts,” Farago adds. “And he’s just a regular parent. He’s very nice. To have these aspects of public hate from that just proves that the more representation we have, the more positive it will be because people will see that we’re just normal people.”