Galaxy Watch 5 series and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds unboxed

Unpacked 2022 also featured a new set of wireless earphones and several new Galaxy wristwatch variants in addition to the two new foldable phones. The new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earphones enhance audio quality and active noise cancellation, and the Galaxy Watch 5 series adds the first “Pro” model to Samsung’s lineup of smartwatches.

In the new unboxing and first setup videos we’ve included below, we feature all three Samsung accessories. We’re highlighting the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro in Gray Titanium, the Gray Galaxy Watch 5 (regular, non-Pro variant), and the black Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

Samsung’s 2022 smart wearables: unboxing
With the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro model, a simple-to-adjust D-Buckle wrist strap is included. And as many of you are already aware, unlike the Classic editions that come with a rotating physical bezel, the smartwatch’s circular display is bordered by a fixed concave bezel. The regular Galaxy Watch 5 adopts a more conventional strategy and stays quite close to the bezel-less look of the Galaxy Watch 4.

Improved software, more Samsung Health features, and a new temperature sensor are all included with both smartwatches. Additionally, Samsung claims that its new Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro smartwatches may last up to 50 to 80 hours on a full charge, respectively. However, we were unable to test this claim in our unboxing environment.

The audio quality of the brand-new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earphones is excellent, and the bass is strong and clear. Quite surprising! We were quite delighted with how well they performed on our first listen and with Samsung’s development in this area.

For a closer look at these new Samsung wearables, don’t forget to watch our most recent Watch 5 and Buds 2 Pro unboxing videos below. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these devices, you can now pre-order it ahead of their market release later this month.