Samsung Odyssey Ark 55" Monito

Get a $100 discount on the massive Samsung Odyssey Ark 55″ Monitor.

The 55″ Odyssey Ark 4K UHD 165Hz 1ms quantum mini-LED curved gaming screen is available for reservation.

Galaxy 55 “Monitor for gaming Odyssey Ark | $100 off | Samsung

Samsung outperformed itself. They had previously produced some huge curved displays, but none quite like this. This massive 55 “A monitor with a 1000R curvature will obliterate your field of view. 165Hz and a 1ms response time for 4K gaming. With just a light touch of the dial, you may quickly spin the screen. The integrated audio output on this monitor is among the greatest you’ll find thanks to Dolby Atmos and an AI sound enhancer. Reservations for this beast are currently accepted, and you will receive a $100 discount. If you believe you might need to free up some space on your desk in the future for this enormous display, you might as well make a reservation as it is risk-free and non-committal.

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