Get The Most Out of Your Rubber Track

Get The Most Out of Your Rubber Track

Rubber tracks can account for up to 50% of the Compact Track Loader’s expected maintenance costs during the first 3 years* of operation. Cat® steel-embedded rubber tracks are specifically engineered for maximum durability across all types of challenging applications. This means more jobsite uptime and a lower cost-per-hour.

• Cat Heavy Duty Bar rubber tracks deliver a lower ground disturbance solution, making it a great fit for all types of finish-grade work. The bar-style rubber track tread offers extra traction above the block tread when operating in snow or soft underfoot conditions.
• Cat Heavy Duty Block rubber tracks deliver a rugged, all-purpose solution suitable for machines working in high impact and high abrasion production-style applications.
• Cat General Duty Zig-Zag rubber tracks are designed for the cost-conscious customer. The zig-zag
tread pattern is suitable for a variety of medium to low impact applications and optimal traction for snow

These tips will help you save time and money down the road by making your tracks last longer:

INSPECT TRACKS FOR WEAR – To help determine if you should replace a track soon, look for cracks, missing chunks, or low tread depth at least once per day.

CHECK TRACK TENSION REGULARLY – Loose tracks will cause lug damage and derailment; tight tracks will increase wear on roller wheels, sprockets and drive motors.

CLEAN UP DAILY – Do it several times a day if you are working in mud, clay, sand or gravel to reduce unnecessary wear.

OPERATE WITH TRACKS IN MIND – Make careful turns, be conscious when driving on slopes, and shut down in cold weather to increase longevity.

To learn more about our rubber track line-up, check out the Rubber Track Equipment Guide.

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