Kanye West

Going full “Zoolander,” Kanye West cites the homeless as his “biggest inspiration.”

Artist Kanye West, now going by the name Ye, has drawn criticism for using bags to promote his most recent Yeezy GAP clothing line and claiming the homeless as a “inspiration.”

West shared a picture on Instagram that said, “Look to the children / Look to the homeless as the biggest inspiration for all design.” It was black with white wording.

The article has since been taken down, but not before West came under fire from the comment section for fetishizing the homeless and for the harsh irony of a billionaire selling expensive clothing out of what appeared to be trash bags.

Yes, look to the homeless so we can sell middle-class people $499 shoes, read one comment. Another commenter called the scenario “abuse of the powerless,” and a third suggested that, rather than utilising the homeless as creative inspiration, people should work to end homelessness.

Twitter users made fun of images of West’s clothes line, claiming that customers were having problems locating their size and had to rummage through the bags to locate what they wanted.

A New York-based Twitter user captioned a picture of Kanye West’s apparel line crammed into huge black bags and lying on the floor of a Gap store, “This is how they are selling Yeezy GAP.”

West appeared on Fox News to address the incident and clarify that the so-called “trash” bags were actually construction bags. He also stated that his intention was to make shopping simpler and more inclusive.

Although it’s unclear why construction bags filled to the capacity with clothing are more “egalitarian” than coat hangers, West defended his choice, calling himself a “innovator.”

West stated, “I’m not here to sit up here and apologise about my opinions. “The media specifically tries to accomplish that. Make us apologise for any thoughts that don’t exactly match their desired frame of thought.

West also reportedly told the network that he thought his appearance on Fox News in response to the scandal was “God’s plan” (after all, He works in mysterious ways).

West’s most recent advertising gimmick was swiftly linked to the 2001 film Zoolander, which mocked the excesses and sensitivities of the fashion industry with a collection of “Derelicte” apparel that was inspired by the homeless and featured soiled and torn garments.

In reality, Zoolander was satirising a real fashion collection launched by John Galliano in 2000, yet the satire is still relevant today. However, it seems a little on the nose for a billionaire to point to homeless people as a “inspiration” at an era of soaring economic inequality.

West used his customary hyperbole to tout his most recent apparel collection during his appearance on Fox News, saying:

This isn’t a joke. It’s not a game, this. This is not simply another celebrity-led project. My life is this. I’m competing for a position that will allow me to modify my attire and provide the public with the best styles.