How to Save up to $200 on New Samsung Devices

You can save money on Samsung’s foldable phones and rumored smartwatches by reserving a spot now, even if you don’t plan to buy.

Like every other company, Samsung wants you to buy its new stuff. Samsung’s latest strategy, on the other hand, is interesting because the company is offering potential customers up to $200 in savings if they buy its new products, and there’s no commitment needed to qualify. If you’re even thinking about getting a new Samsung phone soon, you should check out this deal.

Samsung Unpacked 2022, the company’s annual keynote to show off its upcoming flagship products, is set for Wednesday, August 10 at 9 a.m. ET (6 a.m. PT). Samsung doesn’t want to “spoil” its big event by showing off its new products too early, but leaks and rumors have already done that to almost everything. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Samsung is likely to announce the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 at Unpacked, along with the new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

In addition to having new features compared to their predecessors, these new devices will probably cost a lot. The 128GB Z Flip3 from Samsung costs $949.99, and the 256GB Z Fold3 costs $1,499.99. Galaxy Buds2 cost $149.99 and the Galaxy Watch4 starts at $209.99. If these prices stay the same for the next generation of Samsung devices, especially the more expensive smartphones, any savings could be a small relief for people who want to buy something new.

This is what Samsung hopes will happen with its newest offer, which is a reservation (not a pre-order). Samsung’s promotion gives you a $100 credit when you reserve a Galaxy phone, a $50 credit when you reserve a Galaxy Watch, and a $30 credit when you reserve a pair of Galaxy Buds. You can mix and match these items, which could save you money in the following ways:

Reserve a new Galaxy phone, Galaxy Watch, or Galaxy Buds and get a $200 credit. (If you book all three, Samsung will give you a $200 discount.)

To reserve a new Galaxy phone and Galaxy Watch, you can get a $150 credit.
Reserve a new Galaxy phone and Galaxy Buds and get a credit of $130.
Reserve a new Galaxy phone and get a $100 credit.
Reserve a new Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds and get an $80 credit.
Reserve a new Galaxy Watch and get a $50 credit.
You can reserve a new pair of Galaxy Buds for $30.

You will notice, though, that these savings are not cash but credit. That means you can use the credit toward your new purchase, bringing the price of a foldable phone down from $949.99 to $849.99. Or, you can use the credit to buy something else from the Samsung store that meets the requirements. In order to actually get the credit, you’ll need to preorder one of the following devices: Your $30–$200 won’t come from the reservation alone.

Go to Samsung’s official reservation page to make a reservation. Here, you can choose which device(s) you want to reserve and then fill in your first and last name and email address. You don’t have to put in your phone number, but you can if you want. When you are done, click “Reserve Now.” All done! Now, you can relax until August 10 and decide for yourself if Samsung’s new devices are worth your money. If so, keep an eye out for an email from Samsung telling you when pre-orders begin so you can buy the item and get your credit.